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YouTube Launches New Feature

YouTube has come up with the “Edit into a Short” section making it easier for content creators to turn their long videos into Shorts. This tool will allow creators to select up to 60 seconds worth of clips from their video and create a short out of it. It will also allow creators to use filters and add texts to it.

In an announcement post for its feature, YouTube revealed that the created Short would be linked to the video it was clipped from. This will allow the viewer to go to the video directly without going through the entire channel and searching the video. It will prove to be a promotional feature for the Shorts as well as improve the viewership of the creators.

YouTube has focused a lot on Short since 2020 which has pulled a huge amount of audience. According to the platform, over 1.5 billion people watch shorts each month. This new feature is expected to help creators bring in more audiences to their channels.