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Wuudis Solutions Oy: Accelerating Forest Digitalization

The globally diversified forest-based industries currently have a number of deficiencies. Many private forest owners live in cities and are unaware of the economic potential of their forest assets. The reason for this is the lack of advanced forest management tools and services that can allow forest management right from their living rooms. Furthermore, the traditional value chain of the forestry industry is dominated by large industrial players and thus, hinders the development of small forest entrepreneurs. Hence, there is a dire need for a scalable solution, which supports the growth of overall forest sector including private forest owners, forest entrepreneurs, contractors, forest industries, and forest authorities. To answer all these industry needs, Wuudis Solutions Oy has come up with a solution. Covering all the requirements from small forest industries to big forest corporations and authorities, the firm provides wide range of digital services.

The journey of Wuudis Solutions Oy began when CEO Seppo Huurinainen was facing problems managing his 500 hectares of forest property. There was no specialized IT platform in the market which enabled Seppo to manage his forest property data and its operations in digital way. This was the moment when Seppo decided to do something for the industry. This problem of management drove Seppo to build his own IT platform for dynamic management and monitoring and thus, Wuudis Solutions Oy was born in 2006. Over the course of time, the firm grew with like-minded people to revolutionize the forest and biomass supply chain business through digital services. Currently, Seppo’s forest property acts as a sandbox to test Wuudis services.

Revolutionizing the Industry

The idea behind the firm was always to build a digital ecosystem for comprehensive forest management and monitoring. The ecosystem comprises apps, web-services, processes big-data, and AI-based solutions. All these solutions together with an increase in the profitability and positive environmental impact of the forest and bio-energy sector.

As a pioneering full-service firm for digital forestry property management and monitoring, it enables data and information sharing in close to real-time between forest owners, contractors, timber buyers, manufacturers, banks, forest insurance companies and authority experts of forestry sector.

For forest owners, Wuudis enables easy and remote forest management and guides them in planning the next forest activities needed to get maximum economic benefit from timber harvest.

For forest service companies and industry, Wuudis saves costs and increases margins via easy scouting and connection between forest owners and contractors.

For forest authority and big corporations, Wuudis provides custom apps and services to digitize their daily operations. These apps and services are integrated with forestry big data sources which open further opportunities to develop ecosystem-based services benefiting the forest sector.

For forest management association, Wuudis provides in addition tree-wise forest inventory utilizing high-resolution satellite and UAV data.

For society, Wuudis adds societal and environmental value via the promotion of sustainable forest management practices and increased mobilization of available biomass resources for the needs of the biomass industry.

Going by the commercial names, Wuudis services can be understood by:

  • Wuudis Lite: suitable for individuals interested in forest management
  • Wuudis Pro: suitable for experts, engineers and small companies (up to 3 employees) involved in professional forest management and monitoring
  • Wuudis Team: suitable for companies and organization in forest and biomass business
  • Wuudis Business: suitable for companies, organization and public bodies in Forest and biomass business with standard and custom needs.

And now with its unyielding roots in the industry for over a decade, Wuudis envisions to grow into one of the leading IT companies globally to improve forest management and real-time monitoring of wood and bio-materials supplies.

Splashing the Colors of Success

Shaping the industry, Wuudis Solutions Oy has grabbed many noteworthy awards and recognitions. Some of which are mentioned below:

  • Green ICT winner 2011 (Tekes) and Top 3 Ranking in 2018 Digi Action of the year (Atea) in Finland
  • Top 2 Ranking in Big Data Award 2019 (BDVA, Riga)
  • Finalist in Big Data & AI Award (DatSci 2019)
  • Wuudis concept funded by Horizon2020 SME phase 1 grant
  • EU Commission selected Wuudis concept as an innovation with readiness to scale to international markets

Future Digitalization

Revealing the future plans, Seppo told us, “Innovation is one of the main pillars for Wuudis Solutions growth. We have embraced the value of big data with open arms. The integration of several big-data sources and AI approaches into Wuudis services will bring interesting new launches in the near future.” With the integration of these technologies, Wuudis percieves to becoming a platform to run the business as a one-stop solution. Moreover, it will aid other service providers in the forestry IT domain so that they can bring their services into the platform and generate income. “Through Wuudis ecosystem platform we will revolutionize the way how forestry business works today as every stakeholder able to generate income from the ecosystem and a win-win situation will be created for everyone in the business value-chain”, signed of Seppo Huurinainen