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Windows 11 Breaks Barriers with iPhone Linking and iMessage Accessibility on PC

Phone Link app now available for iPhone users worldwide!

Microsoft committed to releasing the Phone Link application for iPhone users, with the promise of enabling the use of iMessage from a PC, by mid-May. As of today, May 15th, the company has fulfilled that commitment. Phone Link now facilitates connections between iPhone owners and Windows 11 PCs, allowing them to send and receive iMessages, make and receive calls, and view mobile app notifications on a PC or laptop.

The latest Phone Link application is now accessible in 85 nations, and it can be synchronized with an iPhone via Bluetooth to enable calling, message, and notification features. By exploiting Apple’s strategy of compelling users to send text messages to other iPhone owners, Microsoft can intercept incoming iMessages over Bluetooth and relay new messages through the Phone Link application.

It’s a smart solution that enables you to send and receive messages without any restrictions while the Phone Link is active. However, you won’t have access to the complete chat history or be able to engage in group iMessage discussions. In comparison to the Android integration, the remainder of Phone Link is quite simplistic. You can accept and make phone calls, review call logs, and even observe and dismiss phone notifications. Nevertheless, unlike Android devices, you cannot operate phone applications on your computer through Phone Link, and photo integration is not available here.

The most recent update for the Phone Link app should be accessible without manual intervention. However, if you are unable to spot the new iPhone choice while configuring the app, kindly proceed to the Microsoft Store app on your Windows 11 device and confirm that you have installed the latest updates.

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