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Verizon CEO’s Phone-Inspiration Method

Verizon Communications CEO Hans Vestberg has emphasized the importance of personal communication in the workplace as a means of motivation. Instead of relying on traditional methods like gift cards and office parties, Vestberg engages with employees through regular phone calls. He explained that he maintains a list of 30 names of individuals who make a significant impact within Verizon, both internally and externally, and makes it a point to speak to each of them once a week.

While 30 calls per week may seem like a significant commitment, Vestberg believes it is crucial for strengthening workplace relationships and ensuring maximum effort from his staff. He sees these calls as a way to break down barriers, especially with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

During these conversations, Vestberg not only acknowledges good work but also asks simple questions like “How are you today?” and “What are you working on this week?” The aim is to foster a sense of camaraderie and engagement within the organization.

Research supports this approach, as camaraderie and peer relationships have been identified as the primary reasons why employees go the extra mile at work. A significant number of employees express a desire for more regular check-ins with their bosses, highlighting the importance of communication and empathy in leadership.

Effective communication and empathy are increasingly recognized as essential leadership skills in today’s workplace, helping leaders build trust and empower their teams. CEOs like Vestberg understand that personal connections and genuine care for employees can lead to greater motivation, collaboration, and overall success in the workplace.

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