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Valmet and Telia: Revolutionizing Production with Private Network Digitalization

Valmet utilizes a secure and dependable mobile platform through its private network to enhance its capacities in areas like intelligent production, maintenance, safety, and wireless intralogistics automation. The solution was initially designed to have global scalability, and the private network’s capacity can be shared through SD-WAN networking between nearby production facilities.

According to Matias Majaharju, the Director of IT Infrastructure and End User Computing at Valmet, private networks are expected to enhance Valmet’s ability to expand factory operations in order to meet the continuously increasing business requirements. The solution’s flexibility, speed, availability, and security are crucial for Valmet. A private network is a separate mobile network from a public mobile network that operates independently. In a private network environment, the customer’s critical communications are fully secured, and all mobile technology features that support industrial automation, such as massive capacity and low latency, are fully available to the customer.

As per Kaisa Pajari, the Head of B2B Networking and Communication Services at Telia, an increasing number of pioneering Finnish companies are turning to private networks to enhance their production efficiency and operational capabilities. By applying private networks to automation, these companies are discovering new possibilities for their industry. Valmet, a leading company, is setting a great example for both the industry and its customers as they apply digitalization solutions in practice. Valmet has implemented a private network using Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud technology. This solution has the potential to be expanded to meet the needs of Valmet’s offices and customers in Finland as well as around the world. The private network utilizes 4G and 5G technologies as needed. The first phase of the implementation was completed at Valmet’s Tampere facilities in 2022.

Digitalizing production revolves around private networks:

As digitization takes over the manufacturing industry and industrial production, there is a surge in the variety of automation solutions and robotics in factories and production facilities. With this increase, more data is gathered from production processes, aiding in decision-making when integrating various machines and devices into the network.

Wireless networks are essential in telecommunications. Private networks enable the transfer of data in challenging industrial environments between machines and humans. The reliability and comprehensiveness of data transfer are crucial. Data security and protection of critical information are increasingly important. The significant advantage of a private network is the safeguarding of confidential data.

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