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Valery Herrington: A Name to Reckon in the Tech-Enabled Industry

Technology is the driving force in today’s business ecosystem. Every evolving business models, as well as established ventures are constantly embracing tech-enabled innovations to stand ahead in the market. This rapid evolution has led to the emergence of countless companies over the last decades; however, few have successfully scaled themselves to the epitome of success. While we always look upto the annual turnovers to decide the success ratio of a company, it’s the contribution of the leaders that we miss acknowledging!

This excerpt showcases the journey of one such professional who has been at the frontier of various professional paradigms and has managed to stand tall by the virtue of her grit and firmness. As the Founder & CEO of Herrington Technology, Valery Herrington is a perfect example of a seasoned professional who has witnessed rough weathers along with smooth sailing in her odyssey.  Based in Manhattan-USA, Valery is a renowned face within the tech fraternity and is highly respected due to her work-ethics and the way she executes her role at Herrington.  Echoed as one of the best SAP technology czars at the global platform, over the years, Valery acquired the acumen & expertize that enabled her to launch Herrington Technology in 2009.

At regular intervals, she has donned different roles that have helped her to excel in her profession. As a proficient speaker on topics related to technology for professional groups, she is an author of leading tech & bioscience professional publication named Predictive Analysis/Insight Publication, HPC. Valery is also the Ambassador for NJTC (NJ Technology Solutions Centre) along with being a speaker, participant and the executive sponsor of NJTC.

Early Days

In her pursuit to learn and deliver, she started early on in high school computer science class and carried through on work and deliverables that were needed to survive. She has attained distinguished degrees in Economics, German, Computer Science plus a leading state-of-the-art 2014 Executive MBA Degree from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

She has worked on a plethora of projects that assisted her to progress in her early and mid-career phases. Pharma project, Extended Business Member qualifications achievement for SAP software sales, thought leadership and now industry presence at key events and global leadership summits for UN initiatives are some of the noted ones.

Creating Infinite Opportunities

In her efforts to climb the professional cliffs, she has also worked the top IT firms in Silicon Valley, CA and leading technical centers throughout the US. She has the highest level of cumulative SAP professional career expertise in private practice. She is also SAP EBM (Enterprise Business Member) certified and that includes SAP Business ByDesign and BusinessAllInOne Sales Executive, Solution Consultant, Mobility, Business Objects, and Project Management certification. Her experience in implementation deployment of SAP is unmatched as she has done it for global companies like SAP America Platinum Consulting Services, Accenture, Deloitte, PriceWaterhouse, Hewlett-Packard, SUN Microsystems, and KPMG.

As an expert in the areas of software sales, enterprise application, and managing at the executive level, today Valery is an inspiration to countless aspiring individuals who want to make it big.

Herrington Technology – The Exclusive Services

Right from her early days, she had keen interest & inclination to start her own tech-oriented company and provide job and remote WFH opportunities for people. She always had a clear intent to work in the advanced technology space where contributions to advanced technology have made a great impact.

Herrington Technology is a New York-based niche advanced technology firm providing leading specialized enterprise, and small to mid-market, cross-industry advanced technology products and solutions including new brand label innovations. Valery continues to have a wonderful business relationship with SAP Company, since the last three decades. This has resulted to be a boon for the SAP customers as well as clients in the areas of core operations and increasing their network knowledge.

Knowing SAP’s unique business software release cycles, features upgrades, strategic road maps, and organizational support channels has ensured success for the customers. Walking in tandem with the industry, the company today offers services on S/4HANA digital core – the newest platform offered by the SAP flagship. After successful completion of a decade, the entity now offers solutions related to the essential FinTech market capabilities crucial to the success and survivability of the financial services sector.

The Challenging Curve

Valery explains that the industry is constantly changing and driving up new requirements by each passing day. As a result, new challenges emerge much more frequently than expected, but since she’s passionate about exploring challenges, she loves to tap new models. On a concluding note, she shares the goals that she has for the future:

  • Continue to thrive & endure
  • Continue to seek good and positive business relationships