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US gas stations shut down due to panic buying

The US government rushed to free up the gasoline supplies as the country’s main fuel pipeline was shut down by a cyber attack. As a result, motor vehicle users are increasingly stcoking up on gasoline. This has led to the closure of many gas stations on the US east coast on Wednesday.

Many states including Florida and Virginia have declared a state of emergency. This caused panic among the customers who rushed to gas stations with fuel cans and even plastic trash bags to fill up the fuel.

Due to a recent ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, the company had to shut down its entire network and it will not resume until the end of the week.

Colonial Pipeline, the in charge of the largest fuel conduit system in the United States, serves 50 million consumers by transferring gasoline and jet fuel from the Gulf Coast of Texas to the populous east coast through 8850 kms.

As per reports, the company is manually delivering services to those areas which are least able to find alternative sources through some lateral lines.

Transportation Secretary Pate Buttigieg said that the Americans need not worry. He recognizes the concern of the citizens, and has accordingly put responsible bodies into action, without wasting any time. He also added that hoarding does not make things better.

The Transportation Department and Environmental Protection Agency have simplified fuel transportation regulations and have temporarily waived clean air rules throughout the affected states with the objective of reducing the supply crunch.