You are currently viewing Twirl Chocolate Bar Introduced Throughout Australia by British MNC Cadbury

Twirl Chocolate Bar Introduced Throughout Australia by British MNC Cadbury

After a covert debut in Australian shops, the newest Cadbury product has chocolate lovers drooling.

The candy company introduced the Twirl Honeycomb Sundae Bar, which features milk chocolate on top of swirls that taste like honeycomb.

Fans can’t get enough of the newest release, which is presently $1 apiece at Coles and Woolworths and half off at other retailers.

Melbourne eater Ange, who posts as Ange Eats on TikTok, gave the newest product his honest opinion in a video.

‘I am keen to try this,’ he said in the clip and unwraps the chocolate bar then breaks it in half to see the ripple of honeycomb within.

‘You’ve got the honeycomb Twirl on the inside, smells like a Crunchie bar. Let’s give it a taste.’

Twirl Honeycomb Sundae Bar, constructed with honeycomb-flavored swirls and topped with milk chocolate, was quietly introduced by Cadbury. The latest creation, according to Melbourne TikToker Ange Eats (above), “tastes like a Crunchie bar.”

“This is crazy.” With this one, they have essentially nailed the nail on the head. After taking a piece, he remarked, “It tastes exactly like a Crunchie bar, but softer.”

‘Makes sense because Cadbury make the Crunchie as well, and this is a Cadbury Twirl, so it’s exact same flavouring, great same taste, just softer.’

He rapidly exhorted others to try the product for themselves by getting their hands on it.

You guys don’t want to miss this, Ange remarked.

Grab a few because you might have to wait a while for them to restock if you miss out on these.

Others who watched the video acknowledged they would now be “running” to the store to get the new Twirl bar.

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