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SuperValu and Centra Invest €28 million in Reverse Vending Machines

Before the deposit return program is introduced in Ireland the following month, SuperValu and Centra had invested €28 million on reverse vending machines.
In Ireland, customers can currently locate the ATMs in 219 SuperValu locations and 321 Centra locations.

The stores, which are both a part of the Musgrave Group, realized that multiple machines were necessary in busy areas after a trial that was conducted early in the previous year.

Customers can now access 667 reverse vending machines throughout the shop network as a result.

The deposit return program is scheduled to launch at the start of the next month.

Customers will now have to pay a small deposit in addition to the regular price of the drink when they buy a beverage in a plastic bottle or an aluminum or steel can with the Re-turn emblem starting at the beginning of February.

The money will be fully refunded to customers who return the empty, undamaged container to their neighborhood retail location. It’s not necessary to return the drink to the same retailer where it was first bought.

Deposit amounts are as follows: 15 cents for 150ml to 500ml containers, and 25 cents for containers larger than 500ml and up to three liters.

Newly installed reverse vending machines will collect the clean bottles and cans; after that, customers will receive a voucher that they can use to deduct the cost of their purchases or redeem for cash.

There is no temporal limit on how many customers can collect or utilize these vouchers at any given moment, and they have no expiration date.

It must, however, be used at the same store from whom it was issued.