SSE Renewables and TotalEnergies’ Ambitious Seagreen Project

To smoothen the contours of geopolitics around energy, globally, is the need to increase the adaption of renewable energy. To achieve this, various market players are coming up with unique solutions in this sector.

Supporting this goal is UK’s joint venture between SSE Renewables and France’s TotalEnergies that has initiated its ambitious project –Project Seagreen, which is Scotland’s first and largest offshore wind farm. This is also the deepest fixed bottom windfarm as it is installed 59 meters below sea level.

The Windfarm is located 27 km off the Agnus Coast and assures to produce 1.1 gigawatts of electricity that could power more than 1 million homes in its first phase. The turbines in this project have a maximum tip height of 187 meters. The construction involves suction bucket technology for foundations.

The project is expected to be like a light breeze in times of soaring electricity bills for the population. Its location is considered to be strategic and will help to keep the region prosperous in the long run.