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Spavia Day Spa: A Franchise that Enhances Guest Relaxing Experience.

Every so often, we all need to take a break from our life and escape into another world. We all feel this deep-seated need to shut ourselves off from the busy world around us, even if it is just for a few hours. This urgent need to “get away” especially in the urban scenario, is becoming an increasing reality.

Few places are better equipped to offer us the calm and serenity we desire, as an elevated spa experience. Fewer spas can offer that consistent exceptional experience better than the Spavia Day Spa.

Spavia is a day spa concept composed of highly engaged franchisees that believe in making a positive difference in the lives of their guests, members, and community. The illustrious Spavia Day spas provide affordable luxury and bring a resort-like experience to the community with independent, locally owned locations.

“Our core values include a focus on being genuine and believe in treating our guests and team members with respect. We apply the highest standards of excellence to everything we do – from guest service to our treatments to our product offerings”

Spavia caters to ultimate relaxation and an exceptional experience for its members and guests. Guests enter a refuge where they can frequently relax, recenter and renew while providing a more affordable experience than any comparable spa.


“Our spalosophy is our core beliefs and values. Our DNA is to offer an experience, not just a service,” said the CEO of Spavia Day Spa, Marty Langenderfer.

Spavia’s core beliefs include a strong desire to be intuitive and strong listeners. Early on, they studied the world class resorts and replicated the guest delivery systems that provide an exceptional experience for the guests.

Spavia’s core values include a focus on being genuine and a belief in treating their guests and team members with respect. They apply the highest standards of excellence in everything they do – from guest service to treatments to product offerings.

“When you look at our brand as a whole, the foundation is trust. Our branding goal drives us with the formula of consistency + delight = trust.”

Curated Care

Spavia curates the best treatments and product offerings. Their products have clean and trusted ingredients. The treatments are designed to be therapeutic and result-driven along with a relaxing experience that you typically see in higher-end resort spas.

In communities across the country, Spavia has earned many awards for spa services. In franchising, Spavia is consistently named one of the top franchise opportunities in the spa sector. They have a dedicated national team, with over 80 years of combined experience, that strives for excellence and supports the franchise owners in all facets of their business.

An Evolution of Spa

Fifteen years ago, the franchised massage clinic membership concept took hold and led to broadening the reach of massage, consumers jumped on the opportunity for inexpensive massage and monthly membership. Very quickly many franchise veterans copied the model with an intensive focus on profits, without the delivery of guest service excellence.

Soon, venture capital or private equity jumped in and bought many of the massage membership clinics, adding some skincare, and started to label the massage clinics as ‘spas.’

Spavia founders have retained control of the brand versus selling out to VC partners or private equity, who may invest capital dollars, but not necessarily create excellence in service and guest delivery systems. Evolving with the best in spa practices and services. Spavia Day Spa franchise owners stand proud to be a part of a strong franchise and an important part of the spa industry to deliver an exceptional experience. An owner of Spavia Day Spa quotes, “Wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU!! I am sure I do not even recognize all that you do as a team. I do, however, realize how much support and dedication you have provided this last year. It was a difficult and trying year for all of us in many ways. It could have been much darker without all your dedication and support through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The advances that you provided for us as owners are incredible, with the new products, services, imaging, and marketing to say only a few. Your dedication to our Brand is amazing! You are helping us to be absolutely the best Brand on the market. You are all an amazing group of people! I wanted to tell you thank you from all of us at Lowry!

We brag about our national team that sets us above and apart from any other spa in the nation.

Excited to see what you have in store for 2021.”

During the pandemic, Spavia Day Spa has seen tremendous support from its membership base. “Many of our spa advocates reached and helped support our franchises,” says the Spavia Day Spa team. As the country begins to recover and heal, Spavia is observing unprecedented demand for its services.

When the pandemic hit, Spavia immediately engaged the franchise system to face the new historic challenges and circumstances. Spavia founders engaged franchises in several task forces from cleaning protocols to membership and guest communications. Cleanliness was made the top objective, launching a 60- page cleaning manual in three weeks that laid the foundation for building guest confidence and trust. During these perilous times, the Spavia leadership team made franchisees their sole focus.

With the health and safety of their team on their mind, Spavia partnered with a company to provide Spavia locations with an EPA approved, non-toxic cleaning product with no ammonia or chlorine smell to ensure the safety of both their guests and their employees.

Moving ahead

With a solid foundation and a lot of hard work put into building trust with their guests, team members, community, and franchise owners, Spavia Day Spa is on its way to make a difference in the luxury services space. In 2021 and beyond, Spavia will continue to grow their trusted brand and is launching an innovative and urban-focused brand ‘Sway with’ recently developed themed spas based on nature including Ocean, Mountain, and Vineyard.

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