South Korea and Poland Signed a $5 Billion Tank, Weaponry Deal

Hanwha Defense Systems Corp and Hyundai Rotem Co, the two South Korean companies have signed a $5.76 billion contract with Poland, agreeing to provide k9 self-propelled howitzers and K2 Black Panther tanks. The contract is considered to be one of the biggest arms deals for South Korea.

The exact amount of the entire deal has not been disclosed yet, but the South Korean media came up with an estimation of $15 billion (20 trillion won). Earlier this year, the two countries signed a deal that also bounds South Korea to provide FA-50 fighter jets to Poland.

The fighter jets agreement has been estimated to be signed around September, which would be supplied by Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. Under a deal that was signed in July, 48 fighter jets and 180 tanks are to be provided by South Korea.

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration stated that “As defense exports are extremely important in terms of sharing weapon systems, mutual logistics support, and strengthening security alliances, this export deal is expected to contribute to our efforts to build solidarity with European countries and expand the boundaries of our security capabilities.”