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Sky TV’s Remote Has A Very Useful Special Button 

Sky TV is a hugely popular streaming service that provides hundreds of channels as well as dozens of built-in streaming services. Finding the right channel or searching for previously recorded programs can be a difficult and daunting task for those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. 

The good news is that Sky remotes have a built-in trick or two that can make the process a little bit easier, and hidden in plain sight is a one-button shortcut that can take you directly to where you need to go that you may not have noticed. 

According to the Daily Star, observant Sky TV subscribers have noticed that the ‘Sky’ logo at the top of the remote isn’t just for show—it’s a very useful button. Make sure to press the logo the next time you load up your Sky Q box because it gives you instant access to all of your recordings, including movies and TV shows. 

The logo button is accessible from anywhere in the Sky interface, so you can access your recordings even while watching a show or scrolling through TV channels. That’s not the only exploit for your Sky TV remote. 

To return to the previous channel you were on without having to type in a number, simply press the blue arrow key on the remote. You can also tell your TV what to do by pressing the voice control button on the Sky Q remote. 

For example, if you want to skip five minutes, simply tell the TV to ‘skip five minutes’ or ‘restart’ the show. 

If you ever lose the remote, simply press and hold the Q button on the Sky TV box. The remote will beep with a loud alarm to assist you in finding it, similar to Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ feature.