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Silence the New Climate tech VC Firm Secures $35M Investment

Silence, a new angel-style VC firm, aims to disrupt the landscape of climate tech investment by raising $35 million and planning to make numerous small investments in climate startups, applying the tech startup playbook to help them flourish.

Heading the Silence team is Borja Moreno de los Rios, who serves as the solo general partner for the original fund. Prior to Silence, he held a venture partner position at FJ Labs and founded Merlin, an hourly jobs marketplace in the U.S. Borja’s deep connection to nature and the environment from a young age fuels his passion for climate investment, as he seeks to make a meaningful impact in this arena.

Since the fund’s inception in June 2022, Silence has already invested in 22 different companies, adhering to a consistent investment strategy. They abstain from leading rounds and taking board seats, aiming to maintain neutrality and impartiality over the long term, akin to an angel investor but with a larger ticket size. The average ticket size ranges around $300,000, with investments spanning from pre-seed to Series A, and follow-on investments are made for the most promising ventures.

Silence strategically avoids competition with top-tier VC funds, enabling them to participate in highly competitive deals. Notably, Silence has collaborated with renowned VC firms such as Point Nine, FJ Labs, FifthWall, FirstMark Capital, and Lowercarbon Capital in various investment rounds.

The portfolio of Silence’s investments encompasses companies focused on building virtual power plants, energy management systems, home energy management systems, financing platforms for solar equipment, and circularity-focused marketplaces. One standout example is Cardino, a used EV marketplace that experienced rapid growth, with Silence providing crucial support as a lead investor in its early stages.

Joining Borja in the Silence team are Sara Ramos Colmenarejo, who transitioned from the Hummingbird team, and Guilherme Penna, a former member of Global Founders Capital. Brendan Hayes serves as the CFO and COO for the fund, contributing to Silence’s mission to drive impactful investments in the climate tech sector.