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SignStix- Driving Digital Engagement and Enhancing Digital Experiences

In today’s data-driven world, Digital Signage market is growing rapidly. It is essential to utilize technology that constantly evolves and innovates to deliver engagement and enhance digital experiences. The Director of SignStix, Emily Welch says that, “The global digital signage market is expected to hit $29.8 billion by 2024 and we are very proud of our great technology which consistently evolves and innovates. It’s proven by our client list and the global digital signage campaigns we help them deliver. The latest SignStix features give greater interaction, integration and connectivity with IoT devices to create truly immersive digital signage experiences. When you combine these experiences with the ability to capture data for analysis, you have an extremely compelling digital signage managed service, that will contribute to the growth of the digital signage industry – within today’s data-driven world.”

SignStix is an award-winning innovative software company, based in the UK, specialising in delivering digital signage and solutions globally. SignStix began as a digital signage platform at the traditional layer of digital engagement, typically playing videos and images in a schedule or campaign. Through continuous development and understanding its clients’ needs, the team now helps in building digital signage solutions that engage via intelligent content from external triggers, IoT devices and data-driven campaigns.

Taking that a step further, the company can offer the full digital signage managed service that creates, measures, and optimises advanced interactive content experiences. SignStix can deliver across a range of sectors including retail, corporate communications, industrial operations, logistics and the hospitality industry, making it a truly flexible digital signage solution and why it is used by some of the world’s biggest brands to deliver truly engaging digital signage campaigns, interactive experiences, and automated communications. “Working alongside our partners we deliver digital signage services, which include, consultation and project management, content management, training, support and installation,” says the team of SignStix.

Ambitious and Motivated Leadership

Inspired by her father, who is not only a CEO and Co-Founder but a gifted figurehead within the Fintech sector, Emily decided to take on the challenge of also being a business leader. She completed her education from a prestigious institution in the UK; after which, she acquired a bachelor’s degree in arts and history. Emily joined the SignStix team in 2017, where she shined supporting business partners and clients with account management, project management and product management. Being an ambitious and motivated businesswoman, her feeling of responsibility towards the goals, mission, and vision of the organisation were welcomed by the board and in late 2020 she was promoted to Director. She brought together a dream team of developers and support staff who shared the same passion and faith in the power of excellent ideas and good people to execute those ideas. Emily’s appointment continues to strengthen the strategic and operational decisions at SignStix.

Emily says “Having supported SignStix for 3 years with account management, project management and product support, I was excited to have been appointed Director. As SignStix goes from strength to strength, offering its partners and clients innovative digital signage solutions, I am overseeing the development of the company by making sure that our business objectives and goals are achieved.”

Digital Signage Technology

SignStix is a cloud-based digital signage software platform which has been built from the ground up by its in-house team. It gives users the ability to create easily, manage and deploy digital content to any device, anywhere in the world. SignStix began as a digital signage platform at the traditional layer of digital engagement, typically playing videos and images in a schedule or campaign. Its mission has never changed but its technical abilities have. It always wants to inspire and enable clients to inform, engage and converse with their audiences by utilising its digital signage technology. Company’s vision is to be a company that others admire, and great people want to join. To provide a fantastic place to work where employees are happy, thrive and grow. To amaze its customers and partners at every touchpoint and deliver a digital signage experience second to none. “Understanding our customers is key to everything we do, and no matter how complex the project, our involvement from the start ensures easy transition throughout the process. We’ll consult with you and manage each stage, working collectively to provide the best solution,” describes Emily. Along the way, the clients get direct access to everyone from the team to make sure even the most demanding project runs like clockwork.

Continually Evolving Platform

Company’s core values are to have a continually evolving platform. Having a development roadmap in place means it is continually asking its clients and partners their requirements which means continually improving the platform. Core to the team’s measure of success is maintaining enthusiasm in developing new and innovative features and technologies that provide a positive impact for clients. SignStix has partnered with some of the industry’s most renowned and heavily experienced global enterprises to deliver end-to-end digital engagement solutions to a diverse range of clients. Its partners include content creation and management, hardware procurement and maintenance and system integrations which covers the upmost level of innovation and support to its clients.

The cloud-based CMS comprises two parts; award-winning signage creation and animation tool, creator, and a signage management and deployment tool called director. “The SignStix content management system is an extremely intuitive based digital tool, but on the rare occasion you find you need SignStix support we are always on hand to help you out,” shares Emily.

Centralised Tool

SignStix is a one-of-a-kind, cloud-based digital engagement platform that is used by some of the world’s leading retail brands, corporates, and Fortune 500 companies to build unique and innovative digital experiences. Company has been specifically developed to enhance and support multichannel marketing strategies, providing organisations with the power to easily build engaging digital campaigns and interactive applications – irrespective of their unique requirements, size, or sector. Both corporate and commercial companies around the globe have used SignStix as one, centralised tool to manage every type of business experience, including logistics, internal communications, customer-facing experiences and much more.

Delivering Informative Content

Within a customer-focused environment the aim of installing SignStix is to help raise in-store traffic, increase average purchase amount, increase overall sales volume, and leverage brand awareness. For corporate environments SignStix is a tool to deliver informative and educational content or real-time marketing communications. As a result, SignStix has secured numerous international and local recognised clients, including Marks and Spencer, Fnac, Habitat, Karndean Flooring, Clarins and ABB.

Customised Solutions

One of SignStix’s projects included a fully customised solution developed for a leading UK supermarket brand, which was created to improve back-of-house processes and warehouse operations. The grocer’s internal ‘Delivery Hub’ application was integrated with SignStix technology, resulting in a hybrid system featuring live telematics integrations, internal live data feeds and real-time content updates. Following a successful pilot installation, the solution has since been rolled out across the retailer’s entire supply chain network, covering over 600 sites.

A second SignStix’s project with a flooring specialist retailer helped them to deliver a number of engaging, interactive digital touchpoints for their experiential retail concept named Karndean Inspire Studios. As a result, using SignStix’s digital signage content creation, animation and API tools it was easy to demonstrate, Place n Learn and media wall technology. Designed and developed using the SignStix platform, shoppers are presented with relevant product information once they place a flooring sample on the play table, helping them to visualise how the flooring might look in their home. Each product sample is fitted with an RFID tag, which gives each sample its own unique ID. Once a customer places a sample on the table, the digital content automatically switches and guides shoppers on a fully interactive, exploratory journey that is specific to their product selection.

Easy-to-use Web Based Platform

SignStix also had the privilege of helping Marks and Spencer Cafe in installing a digital menu video wall and as a result, helped them on their mission to improve and modernise communications with its customers. The company wished to enhance the vibrant brand identity by installing a dynamic digital signage video menu board, providing them with large screens that incorporate colourful imagery with menus that can be economically and easily updated as seasons and ingredients change. The store features a stunning 8m x 2m digital menu board above the counter of their café, an integral part of a major flagship store refurbishment. All of Marks and Spencer’s content and videos are deployed using SignStix’s easy-to-use web-based platform.

Optimising Interactive Content Experiences

SignStix is naturally good at scaling in business from a technical angle, when it comes to customer acquisition. It continues to improve the SignStix platform by adding new enhancement features. It now helps build digital signage solutions that engage via intelligent content from external triggers, IoT devices and data-driven campaigns. It is able to offer the full digital signage managed service that creates, measures and optimises advanced interactive content experiences. In the pursuit of creating a more engaging user experience SignStix can go beyond the generic digital signage and the typical application examples one is used to seeing. “SignStix is an interactive and intelligent digital signage platform that will inform, engage and converse with your audience,” states Emily. The company also helps in quickly and easily design attractive digital signage campaigns and deliver to any digital display or device in an instant, from corporate messages to seasonal retail promotions.

Extending Outreach

The relationships SignStix builds and the support it gives to its partners and collaborators allows the company to leverage resources and extend its reach, to nurture potential clients and to widen the SignStix portfolio. SignStix is proud to operate within a global network of specialist partners, but it is always on the lookout for new partners within areas not already served, enabling the company to deliver expert support and services at every turn. A project is only any good if it is received safely, the company has experience using same day and next day couriers to deliver in bulk or to individual outlets all over the world. “If your project needs specialist fitting, we have fitters with experience working in a range of environments having completed projects throughout the UK and Europe,”  informs Emily.


SignStix has snapped up several awards over the last 6 years and just this year have been finalist in the prestigious ‘Retail Project of the Year’ and ‘Digital Signage Technology of the Year’ categories of the AV 2021 awards, with its Data-Driven Digital Signage and Insight Systems Integration project.

More Exciting Time Ahead

SignStix is going through a particularly exciting time right now. It has a lot of plans for furthering its feature set over the next 12 months (examples of the new features: improve the ways it can technically support its content provider partners by streamlining and improving the efficiency of its content deploy pipeline, expanding its support for new SOC screens, expanding its support for IOT devices such as proximity sensing, enhanced facial recognition, and support for systems commonly used by corporate environments to allow its clients to further enhance their digital content). SignStix has also employed a strategic marketing manager who will support partners with marketing collateral and reach new potential buyers through digital marketing channels to scale the business in 2022.