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Shoppers World Acquires Foreman Mills, Extends Stability to Employees

The CEO of Foreman Mills is being acquired by Shoppers World, a company based in New York, the company revealed to Action News on Thursday afternoon.

In a positive confirmation, the CEO said, “All employees are working again and they will get paid for the two weeks they were off the job.” The new information is a relief to both employees and customers.

In order to buy clothes for her children, Asia Armstrong, who relocated from South Jersey three years ago, flies back from Florida.

I presently reside in Naples, Florida, but I travel here just because of the affordable prices, she claimed.

It is therefore a big comfort to learn that Shoppers World has agreed to purchase Forman Mills. Additionally, the buyer is reopening a Philadelphia shop at 48th and Market.

“excellent deals are too excellent to pass up. I adore it so much,” Armstrong gushed.

The staff members must be exhaling as well. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labour and Industry, the retail chain may eliminate 245 jobs in the state, Action News reported on Wednesday.

119 corporate workers from the chain’s Pennsauken, New Jersey, headquarters had previously been let go. Last Monday, those employees filed a class action complaint for unpaid salaries and other issues.

Franklin J. Rooks, Jr. of Morgan Rooks, P.C. stated that the allegations in the complaint “indicate that the employer had a blatant disregard for their obligations under the law and to these employees.”

Federal law mandates 60 days’ notice and continuation of benefits during that time if a corporation with at least 100 employees fires 50 or more workers. Pennsylvania requires a 60-day notice as well. New Jersey requires 90 days as of April.

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