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Rolls Royce introduces its most ambitious car ever

Rolls Royce Motor Cars recently launched a luxury vehicle model known as the Boat Tail. The company has dubbed it as “the most ambitious motor car ever created”. The Boat Tail is almost 5.8 meters long and has four seats. Its rear is shaped like the deck of a yacht. The company will produce only three Boat Tail cars, and the price of the car has not been made public yet.

The new model is a part of the company’s invitation-only Coachbuild program. Under this program, the most high-end clients of the company will get the opportunity to commission new and unique cars.

The purchasers of the cars collaborated with the designers for four years to personalize the cars as per their specifications under the Coachbuild Program.

Rolls Royce developed more than 1800 new parts for the Boat Tail. Each part is equipped with luxury features such as double refrigerators for vintage champagne and bespoke times pices which can be worn or can be used in the car as its clock.

The CEO of Rolls Royce, Torsten Muller Otvos described it as a “lovely, magnificent car” and said that the client participated in every step of creation of the car. He added that the creation of such tailored car was an experience that even money can’t buy.

Torsten added that for an unforgettable experience and to collaborate with the carmaker, the clients will have to contribute equally through their passion, engagement, and time. The automobile giant further stated that it has already started with its next Coachbuild project, but did not reveal the details.