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Nvidia’s Profits Alarm Investors as AMD and Intel Struggle in AI Market

Nvidia’s dominance in the artificial intelligence field is amplifying, leading to a staggering 170% revenue surge to around $16 billion projected for the current quarter. Although Nvidia’s shares initially climbed more than 2% before leveling off, the company’s exceptional second-quarter earnings announcement caused AMD and Intel, its key competitors in the graphics processing unit (GPU) market, to experience 7% and 4% share drops, respectively.

Nvidia’s remarkable performance raises questions about any real contenders in the GPU production for large AI models. The company’s GPUs are now the focal point of data center chips, surpassing traditional central processors from Intel and AMD. Major tech giants like Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft are embracing Nvidia’s high-profit next-gen processors, contributing to a substantial 25.3 percentage point rise in adjusted gross margin to 71.2%.

Deutsche Bank analyst Ross Seymore highlighted that Nvidia’s data center revenues are poised to outpace the combined data center revenues of Intel and AMD, underscoring the escalating importance of accelerators for modern data center clientele. Nvidia is set to achieve $12 billion in data center sales this quarter, while Intel’s revenue is anticipated to reach $4 billion, and AMD’s division is expected to generate $1.64 billion in sales.

Intel and AMD, though striving to stay relevant in the AI market, are facing hurdles. Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, acknowledged persistent weakness across its business segments and the shift of cloud companies towards GPUs for AI needs. AMD’s recent acquisition of French AI software firm Mipsology and the development of its ROCm software suite to rival Nvidia’s CUDA signify their efforts.

However, AMD and Intel’s AI initiatives might face timing challenges. Nvidia’s stronghold in the market could lead to the majority of potential customers opting for Nvidia chips before AMD and Intel can provide high volumes of their AI accelerators, potentially limiting their market share.

Morgan Stanley analyst Joseph Moore emphasized that AI spending could significantly impact several companies, including AMD, Marvell, and Intel, but the challenge lies in the budget competition. Despite AMD and Intel’s strides in AI technology, they could face budget constraints due to Nvidia’s market dominance.

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