Nuclear Power Expansion by Boris Johnson in Final Act as Prime Minister

Boris Johnson, the current Prime Minister of the UK envisions approving funding for a multi-billion pound nuclear power station in Suffolk.

The Prime Minister during the final days of his tenure will continue to lessen the country’s dependence on foreign fossil fuels and lower the cost by enhancing supplies of home-grown energy.

It is also reported that the Prime Minister will ensure further assistance over the Sizewell C project – for the generation of 3.2 gigawatts of electricity in a two-reactor nuclear power station, says the government.

The government included that this project could generate power for six million homes and has the ability to keep generating power for 60 years.

While giving a speech in Barrow-in-Furness on Wednesday, Mr. Johnson did not confirm signing off on the Sizewell C reactor. “You are going to have to wait and contain your excitement on that until later this week”, said the Prime Minister.