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New jets promise to bring the Concorde days back!

Come 2027 and the world witness a slew of awesome aircrafts that could fly higher than the speed of sound and get passengers to their destinations worldwide. It could have taken place earlier, but the virus did the industry in. With practically all forms of flying being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the first to be off the block were the speed junkies.

With engine designs likely to afford airlines the kind of engines that can sustain sustained flights at Mach 1 and above, the only things that is coming in the way is the worldwide economic slump. With even subsonic flights finding it difficult to fill seats and cut costs, the very idea of high and fast flying hot rods does seem preposterous. But for the select few (not more than 50 to 65 per flight at most) with deep pockets and sky-high ambitions, this could be a possibility.

Speaking of engines, it isn’t the case that all is hunky-dory. Supersonic flights need special engines that can handle air flows at supersonic speeds to get outputs even faster which call for a degree of extreme engineering, a preserve of select aircraft and engine manufacturers worldwide, among them Airbus Industries being a front runner. Another could be a relative newbie Boom Supersonic with its XB-1 supersonic test plane, the first civilian supersonic after USSR’s TU 144.

Only time will tell if a bird this fast can fly. And fly to make money!

Photo by Justin Lim on Unsplash