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New CDC mask guidance for fully vaccinated people of New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently stated that New York state will follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new mask guidance for fully vaccinated people.

Cuomo said that, two weeks after they have taken their final Covid-19 vaccine dose, people will neither have to wear a face mask anymore, nor will they have to stay six feet away from each other in various settings, whether indoors or outdoors.

However, people will still have to wear a mask in case they are travelling in planes, buses, or trains and also in certain places such as hospitals, schools and other establishments as per the requirement. Cuomo said that unvaccinated people and those with compromised immune systems should continue wearing their masks.

As per reports, more than 9.9 million adult New Yorkers have already taken at least one dose of Covid vaccine. Around 8.3 adult New Yorkers are fully vaccinated. The state’s Covid positivity rate went down to 1.1% as of Sunday, the lowest level since September.

Cuomo said that they have not defeated Covid, but are managing it. The battle is still on and they have to do more work on the vaccinations.