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New 58-turbine Nyaninyuk Wind Farm Proposed by Acciona Energia in Victoria

To fulfil the increased need for sustainable energy, a significant energy business has disclosed a proposal for a fourth wind farm near Victoria.

The Nyaninyuk wind farm would have half as many turbines as the Waubra wind farm, which is nearby and has been in service since 2009.

The 58 turbines of the Nyaninyuk wind farm would produce 330 megawatts of renewable electricity every year at a location west of Mt. Beckworth in the Pyrenees Shire.

Later in 2023, Acciona Energia will submit its application for an Environmental Effects Statement, and formal consultation will start the following year.

It occurs at a time when numerous wind farm proposals in the southwest of Victoria are facing fierce opposition.

Wind farms, according to Pyrenees Shire Mayor Ron Eason, “seem to be the future.”

We always welcome news of greater growth in our shire or in the neighbourhood, according to Mr. Eason.

According to Mr. Eason, the council would make sure that any affected neighbourhoods and residents are consulted.

“I’d like to see some consultation up-front advising people of what’s on the cards, and what’s in the wind,” Mr. Eason said.

However, they are unable to provide you with all the details until they have conducted their own inquiries.

Melanie Sutton, the head of policy at Acciona Energia, emphasised that the project was still in its very early phases.

Therefore, Ms. Sutton explained, “we haven’t reached that position yet in terms of turbine locations and that finer precision.

Between Evansford, Clunes, and Waubra, in the western part of Victoria, the wind farm will be situated, according to Ms. Sutton.

We are in an excellent position to continue enhancing our ties because of our history with Waubra and the Waubra Wind Farm.

For connecting the energy produced by the wind farm to the grid, Ms. Sutton said the company was considering “a number of options.”

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