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Microsoft to ‘pull the plug’ on Internet Explorer in June 2022

After a long span of more than two decades, technology giant, Microsoft is ready to retire its web browser- Internet Explorer. As per reports, most consumers have not used the senescent web browser for years.

The tech giant has decided that it will not support Internet Explorer from June 15, 2022. It further announced that Microsoft Edge is the future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10. The company will retire the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application for certain versions of Windows 10 on June 15, 2022.

The company further added that the Internet Explorer (IE) Mode present in Microsoft Edge will assist the users to experience the web browser. The built-in IE mode of Microsoft Edge will help users to access the legacy Internet Explorer-based websites and applications right from Microsoft Edge.

The company had started the process of eliminating Internet Explorer last year. It cut off the support for Internet Explorer 11 for the Microsoft Teams web app in 2020. Furthermore, Microsoft may stop the browser from accessing Microsoft 365 services later in 2021. Starting from August 17, 2021, Microsoft’s online services such as OneDrive, Office 365, Outlook, and more will no longer be supported by Internet Explorer 11.