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Michael Collura

Michael Collura: Providing Helping Hands to the Society

The best thing one can do is to care for someone else. Helping one person might not change the world, but it can change the world of that one person.

Healthcare is the most vital industry in the world. In a world where various types of diseases and viruses are present and yet to be discovered, living a healthy life is a tough task. Anyone and anytime will require to take care, stay with the individual as a helping hand, or just be present for any emergencies.

An inspiring individual living in the United States realized this at a very young age. Michael Collura, CEO and Founder of In Home Personal Services, started an organization in 2004 that provides non-medical personal home care to their clients. They serve care such as Emergency home care, Live-in care, Hygiene care, Companion care, Parkinson’s care, Overnight care, and many more.

This US-based organization has been serving its clients for over 18 years with the help of a great team. Michael is very fond of his teammates and the workers who gave the organization loyalty, service, and growth over the years. Helping people is the main motive and the real essence of the organization. In Home Personal Services provides high-quality in-home care and helps seniors with determination, focus, and beliefs.

The training that the team of caregivers receives ensures anticipation of the needs of every different individual. In-home care work does not have any time limit on its services; the team and leaders work 24/7 to give the best service to meet the needs and expectations of clients. Even building relationships with the clients and their families are necessary that is aspiring.

Pillars of the company

In Home Personal Services has the caregivers, the leaders, and the happy clients that are the pillars of the company. The organization believes in serving care more passionately and with more dedication. This helps to company grow on a trust level than the financial level. Michael feels that if anyone is entering this business to seek only financial growth, then it will be the wrong choice. The healthcare industry needs organizations to help people and improve healthcare facilities all over the globe that In Home Personal Service has.

First Leader and Director of Service

When the organization started in 2004, Ephraim was appointed as the person to lead it. He is still with the brand today, and like many others, he has been promoted through the ranks many times. The Caregiver Placement team is one of the teams that support the company and the entire nationwide franchise system that leads by him. Many of our caregivers from those early days still reach out to him, as he has instilled a sense of loyalty and dedication in the team around him that has been quite unique and unmatched by others in similar roles within the brand’s history.

Team Jennifer

Jennifer Fischer and Jennifer Schmidt are ‘Team Jennifer’ in the organization. They have been with the brand for many years, and they have built our reputation throughout the market. These are two individuals cut from the same cloth in that they are professional, compassionate, and dedicated to the mission of quality care to those that trust us. Two Jennifers have the most positive feedback within the organization and from the clients.

Best of all, both are part of the support team training new franchisees joining the system. You get to learn from the very best who do this every day!

Opinion on Healthcare Technology

Technology is important, but innovation in care matters when it is compassionate and there is a true understanding of the needs of others. No technology will replace that. That is why they train their team differently. Both Lovely Ranoa and Star Ewell are two such individuals here on this team who have developed and ensured that compassionate and empathetic care is what they teach, so their caregivers understand what it is like to be cared for. This produces better quality caregivers, and these two ladies have built, from the ground up, a unique training system for our brand. Both ladies have been here as well for a decade-plus each.

Impact of In Home Personal Services

With leadership. Not the type of leadership that one with a fancy title and sense of entitlement has, those are what this organization refers to as bad managers.

Adding real value and skill, In Home Personal Services has Iris Santiago and Brianna Turner. These are two career professional leaders that have built the brand and its operation for us all. Both are originals with the organization. Both have received numerous promotions during their tenure with the organization. Today, they run the In Home Personal Services brand and company-owned franchise units here in the U.S. and all their support operations nationwide. The impact of In Home Personal Services is because of them.


Pandemic Effect on Services

COVID-19 was a major disruption. There is no denying the terrible reality it has brought to society. Another reality is the fact that their team never backed down or walked away during this pandemic. Heroes come in all forms. With all sincerity, their caregivers, aides, and field staff that were there face-to-face with those that trusted to care for them did not waver in that commitment.

In Home Personal Services, the company has proudly served its community and it is because of the front-line workers, who stood firm in the face of the pandemic, even before there was any trace of test and vaccines and did not leave those seniors they were caring for. They brought safety, security, peace of mind, and comfort in the worst period of our generation. All of them, the hundreds that they have, can never say thank you enough.

Future of The Company

Michael wants to be sure he says this to everyone on the team today and those who will join them in the future. “Thank you. I am humbled and grateful for having you in my life. You have made this journey everything I had hoped for and so much more. You are the joy in my life and the reason for our success,” he mentioned the team’s effort with kind words. Helping people and providing high-quality in-home care service will always be a high priority of the brand.

Advice to Other Entrepreneurs

When asked about what advice he would like to give to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the healthcare services space, Michael Collura said, “Learn this simple lesson. Surround yourself with better people who can be better than you and will make you obsolete in time. Build on them, not the profits, and you will build a successful enterprise.”