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McDonald’s closes its US offices temporarily in advance of planned layoffs

According to the Wall Street Journal, McDonald’s (MCD) plans to lay off an undisclosed number of employees as part of a more significant restructuring effort. It will temporarily close its corporate offices in the United States this week.

An Overview

McDonald’s advised employees to work from home Monday through Wednesday in an internal memo, effectively informing affected staff. Additionally, the business instructed workers to postpone in-person meetings with vendors and third parties at the headquarters.

McDonald’s did not respond to Yahoo Finance’s inquiry for comment. After reaching a record intraday high of $281.65, McDonald’s shares remain unchanged. This giant patch-up at McDonald’s focuses on eatery development, activity productivity, adequacy, and advancement.

In January, McDonald’s declared Speeding up the Curves 2.0, an update to its development technique. This resulted in adding a second D to the company’s M-C-D strategy committing to the chain’s core products, burgers, chicken, and coffee, and maximizing marketing. Restaurant growth is the fourth letter in the acronym “D.”

End Note

In a memo at the start of January, CEO Chris Kempcinski made hints about the redesign and how it would affect the workforce. He talked about a new initiative called Accelerating the Organization in that memo to employees worldwide. Later, he said that the company was “divided” into silos. Its approach was “outdated and self-limiting…trying to solve the same problems multiple times.”