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Maninder Singh | Founder | Manzeera Solutions

Manzeera Solutions: Helping Businesses to Make Informed Decisions

Business intelligence is continuously evolving, and most of the businesses are increasingly seeking more agile solutions to respond to their fast-changing environment, especially as the time to make important business decisions shortens. In this age, where information is everything, the data required to make informed decisions has become increasingly complex as vast amount of raw data is coming from multiple sources that needs to be integrated to form fresh insights. As brilliantly said by Christian Ambiehl, “If you don’t understand your data today, you won’t understand your business tomorrow”. The team at Manzeera Solutions could not agree more.This is where BI is changing the way we do business today: providing data to the service of better-informed business choices.

Manzeera Solutions responded to the wide market request for automation and modernization in BI landscapes. The organization responded to the growing need for large and medium organizations bringing more than 15 years of expertise to the table. The professional experience of the Founder of Manzeera Solutions, Maninder Singh, recognized the multiple challenges that companies, enterprises and organizations face at the nexus of data, BI and IT. With a wealth of this experience, Manzeera Solutions was created to specifically tackle these challenges, bringing more innovative strategies and technologies to the industry.

Most Innovative BI platforms

Founded in 2014, Manzeera Solutions is a global consultancy specializing in business intelligence (BI), artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced analytics with headquarters in the UK. Manzeera Solutions works on providing real time analytics, combining ERP extraction with the integration of unstructured data. This methodology provides a unique 360 degrees coverage for the organization bringing the success of its clients to reality. Constantly reviewing a market on the rising side of the curve and partnering with the most innovative BI platforms, Manzeera Solutions has provided the best solutions to its clients for the past six years and counting.

Up to date Technology

The mission of Manzeera Solutions is to enable enterprises of any size to become truly data driven with state-of-the-art solutions. Bearing this in mind, Manzeera Solutions provides up to date technology while cutting down deployment time, optimizing efficiency and drastically reducing long-term costs for its clients. This is achieved through a multitude of methodologies, tools and technologies provided by Manzeera Solutions. One of the methodologies is the ‘Pentagon of Success’, Manzeera’s flagship best practice model focusing on the steps that have proven to make organizations succeed. The client is always the protagonist at Manzeera Solutions: all BI strategies and technologies are bespoke and specifically tailored to the needs of the organizations they work with. This not only creates effective solutions rather than general intervention, but also has a drastic impact on the ROI of the organizations Manzeera works with.

Customer Centric Approach

Manzeera Solutions constantly reviews the market for new technologies and partnering with the most innovative providers to continuously provide its clients with the best tools in the BI industry. Manzeera Solutions is committed to remain independent to any technology- this firm decision is the core of the customer centric approach adopted by Manzeera and such vision is what ensures the highest satisfaction of its clients and long term successful endeavors. In line with this vision, Manzeera works on the side of its clients suggesting the best strategic move and not what seems more appealing to the market at any given point and time. This is why Manzeera constantly works on providing state of art niche methodologies to enable its clients in becoming truly data driven.

Immediate Access to Data

After working with multiple organizations and looking at the challenges of companies for almost two decades, Manzeera Solutions created iERP Connect to respond to the wide request for automated ways to utilize ERP systems and allow self-service analytics. The BI landscape is in constant expansion, and yet this still seems to be a very challenging issue for many organizations across any industry adopting BI solutions.

iERP Connect is the be-spoke ERP Extraction Framework created by Manzeera Solutions and can extract data from all leading vendors such as SAP, Oracle, Infor, and Mainframe, just to name a few. There are currently over 200 connectors with more being developed and released every month. The data extracted via this innovative technology is then delivered to cloud platforms so that the clients can access this information in the shortest possible time without the need to use multiple platforms. With iERP Connect, all organizations working with Manzeera Solutions have immediate access to data otherwise inaccessible with minimum manual effort, at any point and time.

Adaptable Technical Capabilities

To support customers impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Manzeera Solutions focused on two main aspects: finances and agility. To do so it focused on tangible cost reduction and constantly adapted its technical capabilities to the new requirements of an ongoing crisis with tangible outcomes. Being very agile, it focused on its sales function to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic and strengthen the relationship with its client base.

Niche Technologies

Manzeera Solutions feels pleased to provide a multitude of methodologies and niche technologies to its clients. These include the ERP Extraction Framework behind iERP Connect: a feature organization is proud of and which is directly linked to the success it has achieved so far. It will be the foundation for organization’s scalability in the coming years. Manzeera Solutions constantly works on developing new connectors to expand its ERP and data extraction capabilities as this is one of organization’s strengths.

Business Intelligence Expertise

The Founder of the Manzeera Solutions, Maninder Singh is a Business Intelligence Expert with global experience. In the consultancy landscape, his main goal is to provide organizations with a full understanding of their data lake to guide tailored strategies and solutions. This mission is what guided him in his professional path and led to the creation of Manzeera Solutions. He has a deep background in both technology and management with over 15 years of experience leading and delivering end-to-end BI projects. Maninder brought Manzeera Solutions to life in 2014 to make the seemingly impossible; possible when it comes to BI optimization, data extraction, and self-service analytics.

Maximizing Success

Manzeera Solutions is now focused on maximizing its success keeping the core characteristics of the consultancy, which is known to be agile and dynamic in a constantly growing landscape. The growth of the consultancy will be in line with the BI market, with more companies, enterprises, and organizations looking at solutions to shape their BI competencies. Overall, Manzeera Solutions is looking forward to very exciting times ahead.