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Investigation launched on Apple by German antitrust watchdog

Germany’s antitrust watchdog has recently stated that it has launched an investigation on Apple to figure out whether Apple was exploiting its market dominance, just like its US tech rivals Facebook, Amazon, and Google.

As per the new competition rules focused on large digital companies, Germany’s Federal Cartel Office (FCO) stated that it would first make an assessment of whether Apple has a major significance across markets.

On the basis of the first proceeding, the FCO plans to check in details the more specific practices of Apple in proceedings which may take place further. In this context, the authorities have received many complaints which emphasize on anti-competitive practices.

The FCO said that it received a complaint from an association in the advertising and media industry. The complaint stated that Apple is restricting user tracking by introducing its iOS 14.5 operating system.

Sources say that Apple is looking forward to discuss its approach with the FCO and is ready to have an open dialogue about any of their concerns.