You are currently viewing Infosys to make 100 digital jobs within the UK to support post-pandemic growth

Infosys to make 100 digital jobs within the UK to support post-pandemic growth

Infosys is planning to introduce 1000 digital job openings in the UK to ensure growth during the post-pandemic times. New employees will be hired in various digital fields such as cloud computing, data and analytics, artificial intelligence, open-source technologies, and enterprise services. This move will assist the world’s largest companies in navigating their digital journeys.

The new joiners will receive critical training and mentoring opportunities. They will join the world-class workforce of Infosys’ design studio in Shoreditch, its innovation centre in Canary Wharf, and proximity centres in Nottingham and other client locations across UK. Infosys will hire the recently graduated students from the leading colleges and universities in the UK.

Additionally, the company plans to hire experienced professionals from technology and consulting sectors. This will help local businesses in their digital journey and also assist in the creation of a robust workforce for the future.

Infosys CEO Salil Parekh said that talent gap has been looming at large, and the recent events have intensified the need for vital digital skills as most businesses are rapidly marching towards digital transformation. In order to build a robust future workforce and to ensure the UK’s economic recovery, it is essential to bridge the digital divide and make quality digital education accessible to every citizen.

The IT giant is dedicated to support the UK in both recovery and growth through acceleration, hiring new talent, and supporting and upskilling the existing talent to meet the growing economic demands. Infosys plans to keep partnering with universities across the UK to nurture the emerging digital leaders while closing the skill gaps and investing in a brighter future for everyone.