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International Air Transport Association

IATA welcomes open air travel rules by Spain, France

The International Air Transport Association has recently announced that it welcomes the relaxation of covid-19 border measures by Spain and France for the passengers who are vaccinated. It also supports the broader use of affordable antigen testing adopted by both the countries this week.

This is the outcome of the ongoing disappointment because of the failure of implementing harmonized measures across Europe in addition to the deep frustration because of the lack of coordination among governments all over the world to ensure a data-driven risk-managed approach to ensure that people re-start travelling freely without any hindrance.

By June 7, Spain has opened its borders, allowing most vaccinated travelers from around the world and has also allowed the entry of EU travelers into the country with a negative antigen test.

Moreover, there are no restrictions for passengers hailing from low-risk countries (including the UK). From June 9, France has started allowing vaccinated travelers from all countries except the ones who are assessed as high risk ones.

It is essential for vaccinated travelers form medium-risk countries to provide a proof of a negative covid-19 or PCR test. However, unvaccinated passengers should still self-isolate for seven days.