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Husse: Delivering Quality Pet Food Right at Your Doorstep

Pet care has come out as one of the promising industry verticals with a lot of potential. Its growth spectrum has been off the charts and the demand for its products and services has been ever-growing. The pet industry is on remarkable journey of prosperity as there are people ready to spend a considerable amount of money on their pets’ health and well-being.

Pets are treated as family members and to care for them is an inherent job of the pet-owner, rather a responsibility that transcends emotional boundaries. There are a lot of businesses that dabble into the space of pet care while providing excellent services for your furry friends. One such company in the pet care industry making its way to the top in the global business paradigm is Husse.

Husse was founded in Sweden in 1987 by Tom Eliasson, Owner and Chairman. The company has since then grown to be the European leader in home delivery of quality pet food. Through a sophisticated franchise system, and quality products with natural ingredients, the company has managed to expand in over 50 countries with over 1500 unit-franchisees/distributors, each one delivering Husse products to their local area. Husse was established with an aim to provide a versatile product range for dogs, cats, and horses. A local Husse Pet Nutritionist is charged to deliver these products (no shipping charges) at the customers’ doorstep.

In the recent times, Husse is found in various countries spread out in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Central America. The company has multiple franchisees/distributors functioning across this demography and its products are being used by hundreds of thousands of pet owners across the world. The dog and cat products of Husse comprises of super premium and high-quality ingredients that are produced in efficiently operating factories at optimum capacity by highly trained and qualified personnel at every level along with professional equipment.

“Besides our wide range of super premium products for dogs, cats, and horses, we do offer free nutritional consultation to make sure we cover all the pet’s individual dietary needs,” says Tim Biörck Eliasson, Co-owner, and Board Member. Husse’s natural selection of ingredients, source of meat protein, high digestibility, and biological value, is what makes pet owners trust the company all over the world. In all aspects of Husse’s delivery quotient, its team focuses on quality, service, and knowledge.

Husse has a wide customer-base having loyal clients all over the globe which shows that the brand promotes guaranteed quality products with no comparison in the market. “Our high-quality production process is above satisfactory,” says Tim. Before a customer decides if Husse is a good match for their pet one can visit its website and request a free sample from of a wide product range.

Dynamics of Husse

Husse’s company philosophy as entrepreneurs is that it takes 1000 days to start a new business, no matter if it is a Husse franchise or other business. This means that franchise recruitment within a new market requires strong leadership and motivation as it takes 2-3 years to show a ‘success story’.

After more than 30 years in the franchise industry Tim and his team do not have the problem to show ‘success stories’ anymore. The struggles today could sometimes be to cater products suitable for all the markets the company operates in, as they sometimes differ in terms of trends, tradition, and local regulations.

“We have not changed approach at all; actually, we feel that our service with home delivery is perfectly equipped for people taking shelter at their homes,” states Tim establishing a point about Husse’s contribution to the global pet care space during this ongoing pandemic.

Pets have become a natural family member for most households, and the company does not observe any slowdown when it comes to humanization of pets. Its team thinks this trend will continue for many years to come and this is of course beneficial for quality pet food brands like Husse.

Husse is investing heavily in the company’s IT infrastructure right now and today Husse has over 49 web shops in 23 languages, all linked from During second quarter of 2021, Husse’s team will launch a completely new frontend with optimized SEO, landing pages for each product and breed, where pet owners easily can check (via a sophisticated tool) the perfect dish for their pet.

The company has also launched an app for its franchisees to support them in their day-to-day business on the field. “We will continue to expand as we have always done, through our franchise model with local Husse distributors,” concludes Tim.