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How restaurants are preparing for winter in the colder parts of the world?

Social Distancing, an essential element in hold back the spread of Covid, has all but ruined the Hotel Industry worldwide. With patrons having to sit at a distance, the element of warmth which goes with having food together, has gone for a toss. And with it, the hotel and restaurant industry worldwide.

But with things slowly and cautiously opening up, it’s left to Hoteliers and Restaurateur to try different approaches to “get on with it” without “getting it”. While it’s not much of an issue in the Southern Hemisphere, in the colder north like Canada and the UK, people do get the chill and for no fault of theirs!

But where there’s an enterprising and innovative restaurateur, things do take place in the right spirit, minus the mites! Take for example Ms Canty of Woods Hill Pier, in Boston, Massachusetts who has installed outdoor igloos for groups of people. Located on the harbour, the igloos give customers an unrestricted view while they keep warm, eat, and enjoy. And all the while, adhering to socially distancing norms.

It does seem a hit with its unique shape which patrons have taken a liking to. And so too competition! If it is hit and lasts the season, they just might repeat it next year she says. While others in the area have been experimenting with a mix of tents, Central Asian Yurts, buffeted with blankets, heaters and the likes, her’s has been a hit as it gives unrestricted view of the outdoors while sitting on standard tables and chairs instead of getting into uncomfortable spaces like quilts and blankets.

Appreciation has come from rather strange quarters. Environmentalists who have campaigned against the use of wood-stoves and heaters to keep the outdoors warm say it’s a waste of resource which only add to the carbon footprint. The Igloo, they say, while taking into account the plastics, does seem a better alternative!