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Hauwei introduces its own operating system for smartphones

Global ICT giant Huawei recently launched its very own mobile operating system known as HarmonyOS on its handsets. This action is in response to its loss of access to Google mobile services two years ago after the US had blacklisted the Chinese telecommunications company.

The company, based in Shenzhen, announced that the proprietary HarmonyOS system will be used in about 100 Huawei smartphone models. It will make sure that the OS is available on certain tablets and smartphones by the fourth quarter of the year.

The company is launching this operating system as it still cannot avail American technologies such as Google’s services and some computer chips to power its own devices.

Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer unit recently stated that the user experience of HarmonyOS surpasses that of Android’s. It has overcome various issues that Android systems had such as slowing down and lagging of devices over time. He further added that this OS has stronger functionality and endurance and it will be the greatest operating system in this era of internet of things.

As per data, Huawei used to be one of the world’s largest smartphone maker, but it fell out of the top five position last year, when it was replaced by South Korea’s Samsung. Now, other Chinese smartphone makers such as Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo have overtaken Huawei in terms of global sales.