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Govt sued by Ryanair, UK airports due to covid travel rules

Irish airlines Ryanair and Manchester Airports Group (MAG) have recently launched a legal challenge over the UK government in light of its covid traffic-light travel restrictions. Under the legal action, the groups demand greater transparency in how destinations are classified within the system.

According to Britain’s covid risk system, destinations are ranked as green, amber, or red to ensure that the quarantine and testing requirements are met when travelers return. However, when Portugal was recently reclassified from green to amber, it sparked a sector-wide anger.

As per MAG, the lawsuit is supported by many other airlines. MAG chief executive Charlie Cornish stated that it is clear from the recent developments that the government is not willing to resume international travel by adding low risk countries on the green list.

He further added that many countries are still stuck on amber for no reason although they have prevalence rates much lower than the UK.

He also stated that the government was not opening up or providing clear ideas, which would help the sector to plan ahead, while allowing the travelers to book in confidence. Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary stated that this this owing to this go-stop-go-stop policy, untold damage is being caused to the aviation industry, while upsetting millions of British families.