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Google retail store

First ever Google retail store opens in New York

Following the footsteps of Apple, Google has opened its first physical store in New York. The store has hardware products in display and much more. The store is situated in Chelsea area and will allow customers to browse and buy various hardware and software products made by Google, which include Pixel phones, Stadia, WearOS to Nest and Fitbit devices, and a lot more.

Google and Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai thanked everyone who supported the new Google Store in NYC. He stated that it is a beautiful space and one of the less than 215 retail spaces in the world.

Prior to the establishment of Google’s retail store, the space was occupied by a Post Office and Starbucks, which vacated the premises as its leases expired under their new corporate landlord.

Google has filled the store with ‘sandboxes’ giving the feel of a living room. The store also has a gaming area where people can play stadia, and also a soundproof spot which allows to test various Home/ Nest products.

Google will also allow customers to visit the store for the repair of their Pixel phones. The store will deliver various immersive experiences to the customers which will help them how various products and services work.

However, keeping in mind the covid-19 situation, the store will follow strict regulations regarding masks, hand sanitization, and social distancing. It will also ensure that the number of guests in the store is also limited.