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Larry Oliver | President | FileHold

FileHold: Easing the Process of Going Paperless.

In business today many key personnel spend a lot of time out of the office in in many cases are working almost exclusively from home. The lack of remote access to information can cause delays in an organization’s processes.  The FileHold Mobile application ensures these information workers, who rely on their smart phones for productivity, have access to documents and workflow processes.  FileHold uses HTML 5 technology so that remote workers can access secure content anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device.

Full-featured Document Management Software

Document management software from FileHold is feature rich, enterprise grade and yet affordable. Its suite of standard features provides for document scanning, OCR, indexing, check in/check out, search, version control etc.  More advanced features include document workflow review and approval, records management including archiving and disposition policies, document mark up and redaction. FileHold can be installed locally on a “on premise” server for total security or on a private or public “cloud”. FileHold is tightly integrated with Microsoft office and is available on the desktop, browser, and any mobile device.

FileHold document management software makes it easy for organizations to improve security, increase compliance, streamline operations, and reduce the use of paper while saving time and money. “Go paperless, go green” is possible with the FileHold document management software. FileHold software converts paper and electronic information into a secure, organized, version controlled, searchable electronic library.

Document Storage and Back up Technologies

For on premise installations FileHold makes use of the standard storage and back up technologies the customer already has in place. Terabytes of documents can be stored on any SAN or NAS, FileHold does not store document in the SQL database so storage is very low cost/efficient. There is nothing proprietary about the FileHold backup solution or any extra charges based on the volumes of documents stored. The FileHold cloud solution is based on the Microsoft Azure environment that provides high redundancy and multi back up options.

Customer Support (FileCare) a Priority

Larry Oliver is the President of FileHold and empowers the FileHold employees to act responsibly and make business decisions that are in the best interest of their customers.

Oliver insists that the product roadmap be based on feedback from customers.  Customer support through a program called FileCare is the highest priority of the company. The end result is excellent customer support and product features that solve real business problem. In the early days, the challenge for FileHold was to establish an initial customer base that would make the company and software credible to other prospects and grow the business accordingly.

FileHold has always been modest in its growth ambitions. It believes it is far better to deliver excellence to new and existing customers than it is to grow just for the sake of growth. FileHold has grown and now supports over 30,000 users of its software. FileHold will continue to grow in an organic fashion increasing the customer base and the re-occurring revenue stream by approximately 15% to 25% per year.

The Covid impact on Electronic Document and Forms Routing

The Covid pandemic has influenced the FileHold product roadmap and business results.  New customers have been secured in mid-sized businesses that have a need for a secure centralized library that is accessible to employees working from home.  For ease of implementation these customers are purchasing the cloud deployment version of FileHold to give everyone access to their business documents.

For Covid safety reasons larger organizations that have a lot of clients who complete forms want to reduce the amount of paper documents being exchanged or even coming into their organization. To meet this need FileHold is developing the “Forms Portal” add-on to its existing forms extraction, document workflow and document approval capabilities.

FileHold Business Models

FileHold offers both cloud and on-premises implementation, the cloud solution is the newest and is based on the Microsoft Azure environment.  The transition from a licensing and support business model to a fully hosted SaaS mode has presented some challenges. There are still many prospects who want to purchase a perpetual license rather than an annual subscription and FileHold is accommodating both of those preferences.

FileHold will continue to refine the SaaS offering including deployment of the Forms Portal to truly deliver a paperless solution for organizations that want to eliminate paper processes.

Significant Investment in R&D

To keep up with technology FileHold makes a very significant investment in R&D.  It is estimated that 45% of the company is involved in R&D to some extent, this includes product roadmap research, specification and design, product development, QA, documentation, and final delivery. FileHold’s only business is the development, sale and support of document and records management software and they are expert at it.

Improving User Experience and Overlapping with other Business Needs

FileHold is always looking for ways to improve the UI and user experience of its software. As the many features are built FileHold is finding that its software overlaps with other business categories including contract management, case management, document assembly, accounts payable and forms processing.  It is possible for a customer to buy FileHold and find that it can be used to solve many business problems in several different departments.

Building Business Process Efficiencies

Every sale of FileHold software includes a document scanning/OCR solution to encourage replacement of paper documents with electronic ones – this scanning software will work with any scanner. Once a document is in electronic form the FileHold Automatic Document Importation tool (ADI) can determine where the document should go and what metadata should be captured from it.

FileHold software can also integrate with any third-party application with “out of the box” features. “Print to FileHold” is a feature that allows any third-party application to send documents to the FileHold repository in electronic form without ever being printed. A companion feature called “FastFind” allows users to search for documents in FileHold without ever leaving their other business application.

FileHold document workflow and approval transitions paper-based processes that are slow and cumbersome, to efficient electronic document routing for review and approval and eventually an electronic signature. The FileHold “paperless office” builds process efficiencies and saves money by allowing workers to collaborate and approve documents in electronic form.