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Facebook makes remote work permanent as offices re-open

Social media giant Facebook recently announced that it will provide its employees with the option of long-term work from home, even allowing interested employees to move to other countries.

The internet giant announced that from June 15 onwards, employees whose job can be done remotely will be able to work that way permanently. Sources say that the company believs in how the employees work more than where they work from.

Facebook wants to provide employees with the opportunity to do the best work of their careers while ensuring a consistent experience for the employees, no matter from where they work.

Facebook and other Silicon Valley firms had already started working remotely during the early stage of the pandemic. Since then, they have been completely reliant on the internet tools they create to accomplish all tasks.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook stated that he expects that the shift to remote work will last long. The company anticipates that the employees will be able to do their jobs properly from wherever they reside.

Facebook has recently restarted its offices after a year-long shutdown due to the pandemic. However, employees will not be able to avail perks such as free food and commuter shuttles. The company has welcomed back the employees to abandoned campuses mainly because of the rollout of vaccines and improving health conditions.