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Esther Ogechukwu Nzekwe | Growth Assistant | CoffeeChat

Esther Ogechukwu Nzekwe – Expanding Your Outreach

With properly guided marketing strategies, companies can multiply their reach, impro ve communication cost-effectively, and increase revenue over time. Similarly, de veloping various methodologies and implementing them to generate leads becomes essential. A marketing maestro who has precisely done these things from the initial stages of her career, learning innovative ways along the way, Esther Ogechukwu Nzekwe climbed the ladder.

Today as the Growth Assistant at CoffeeChat, Esther’s primary role is to reach out to individuals interested in buying its coaching services and provide a detailed overview of the coaching program.

In an interview, Esther talks about her professional journe y, life lessons, and future goals.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Describe your professional journey briefly.

I started my career as an administrative staff at Feedback Hall, where I oversaw the company’s administrative duties, including managing the CEO’s calendar and activities and taking responsibility on her behalf. Over time I transitioned to the marketing analyst position, where I oversaw most of the marketing activities online and offline and took charge of social media management.

Shortly, we proceeded to launch a mobile app that will make it easier for our users to share their reviews anytime and anywhere. I led a three-month, one-on-one sales outreach that targeted students in different Nigerian universities from other states. I reached a good number of students, increasing the website traffic by a significant amount.

Later, I started working as Growth Assistant at CoffeeChat. With the different coaching options available, including Peer Coaching, 1:1 Professional coaching, and Team Coaching, the mission of CoffeeChat is to make coaching available and affordable to managers across all levels in Africa.

Tell us more about ideologies at CoffeeChat.

CoffeeChat is a coaching platform trusted by top companies across Africa. From interns to CEOs, CoffeeChat helps democratize access to personalized coaching sessions with peers and professionals to accelerate their growth.

Founded in 2019, CoffeeChat has worked with dozens of companies to expand coaching support to their teams. CoffeeChat was featured in the HolonIQ Africa EdTech 50 list in 2020 and was ranked as a top startup during the Village Capital Future of Work Africa program in 2021.

How has your professional journey helped you grow in different aspects of your life?

I’ve always loved technology and am passionate about staying updated with recent trends in technology. FeedbackHall gave credence to it. My role at the company helped me improve, especially my digital marketing abilities because I got to learn on the job. It brushed up my digital marketing skills a whole lot. Also, that was the first time I worked with a team. I learned how to work effectively with different kinds of individuals in a team.

Joining CoffeeChat some months ago has been one of the best things that happened to me this year. With CoffeeChat, I got a chance at remote work, working and connecting with amazing people from different parts of the world, which I have always desired. My role at CoffeeChat is very engaging and rewarding. Reaching out to professionals from different industries and having valuable conversations about coaching, career and general advancement in their life has been nothing short of interesting. This a great opportunity to hone my communication, people, and sales skills. I am absolutely enjoying it.

What are your goals for 2023 and beyond?

I am considering transitioning to Tech full-time. Tech is very diverse, you know. And there are many areas in which one can specialize in tech. I want to go into data analytics and probably specialize in people analytics, but I am not so sure for now. And, yeah, I look forward to being a seasoned data analyst.

What advice would you like to give upcoming digital marketers wanting to venture into the niche?

My advice is to be open to learning and to know that learning never stops. There’s a saying that we start dying the day we stop learning. Stay abreast with technology and current trends in the industry. Find a mentor, stay consistent and never compare yourself to others.