eBay scaling up in the Trading Card Market

The re-emergence of love for trading cards is highlighted by its popularity as the most preferred game. According to Verified Market Research, the industry is expected to reach the US $98.97 billion in 2027,

Taking benefit of the current opportunities in this sector, eBay, a top e-commerce platform, has acquired an online trading card collectible marketplace, TGCplayer, for the US $295 million. TGCplayer, a Syracuse-based company with a large employee pool, is optimistic about this acquisition, as it will enhance its supply in the industry by taking advantage of eBay’s expertise, experience, and interface.  This deal is expected to further eBay’s service for trading card enthusiasts and fulfill the customized needs of customers efficiently.

Acknowledging the industry’s significantly faster growth and the deliveries by top players in the market, eBay, through this ambitious acquisition, foresees its increased potential in trading cards and a medium to ensure its position as a desirable platform for trading cards sellers.