You are currently viewing Disney, following Netflix’s example, has said it would begin cracking down on shared passwords

Disney, following Netflix’s example, has said it would begin cracking down on shared passwords

Disney is taking steps to combat password sharing among its streaming services. CEO Bob Iger announced during an earnings call that the company is exploring measures to curb account sharing and will provide more details about its policy later this year. Iger stated that Disney already has the technical capability to monitor account sharing and considers it a “real priority” for the company.

In 2024, Disney plans to implement strategies to mitigate password sharing. While the effects of these efforts might not be fully realized until 2024, the company is committed to reducing this practice. The move comes as Disney, like many streaming providers, seeks to make streaming profitable through various means, including cutting content spending, introducing cheaper options, and preventing account sharing.

Disney offers multiple streaming services, including Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. It plans to increase prices for most of its streaming offerings. Ad-free Disney+ will see a 27% price increase, while Hulu without ads will have a 20% increase. Despite the price hikes, the ad-supported options for both Hulu and Disney+ will remain unchanged.

Netflix has already taken steps to address password sharing and has seen success in reducing it. The company’s measures included introducing an ad-supported tier and notifying users about the need to stop sharing accounts. Netflix’s initiatives led to increased subscriber growth as well.

Disney’s efforts to combat password sharing reflect the industry’s broader focus on optimizing revenue and profitability from streaming services. As the streaming landscape evolves, companies are exploring various strategies, including pricing adjustments and content offerings, to strike a balance between attracting and retaining subscribers while ensuring profitability.

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