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Dicky Ying | CEO | Mezzofy

Dicky Ying: Enabling Digital Coupons with Ease through Mezzofy

Technological revolution has given birth to the digital era, the one that we now live in. From an individual to a business, everyone in their own set of mind and frame is going digital. From adapting smart devices to using tech-enabled resources to streamline the work, everything has changed. What has also changed is the way we buy and sell commodities. We have come a long way from the barter system.

The classic way of exchanging goods for the value of requisite materials or resources have become the talk of the past. But the thing that has remained is the tendency of exchanging goods for coupons as a part of the future payment or just a promise of an equivalent exchange. That is what the coupon system symbolizes. Now, as the digital era has been dawning on us, the time for digital coupon has arrived. The one who has introduced the world with the concept of digital coupons is Dicky Ying.

As the CEO of Mezzofy, Dicky is on track for revolutionizing the way we understand and use digital coupons. The company has garnered a lot of attention under the astounding leadership of Dicky. He is responsible for all the overall growth that the company has experienced so far. Dicky successfully leverages twenty years of management experience in different industry verticals.

He has worked as a senior management executive in many globally listed companies mostly in the IT and logistics field. Dicky has a strong sense of competitive spirit and he always remains firm to achieve growth. He gives the credit for Mezzofy’s interim success to persistence.

Dicky drives the digital coupon facilitation business with great expertise and in a seamless manner. He confirms that whoever he meets becomes quite interested in the product and that way, Mezzofy does not have to sell too much on the concept. “Mezzofy usually goes to contract details from the second meeting,” says Dicky.

This has helped the team at Mezzofy to amicably create Mezzofy Merchant App that assists merchants in facilitating unlimited digital coupons having to do no upfront payments or technical support. When Mezzofy came into existence, Dicky and his team planned to sell the most wanted thing on the market, which was the coupon system.

Digital coupons are referred as money to the companies. In Dicky’s opinion, a company must have awareness for the latest technology to enable high security while leveraging its coupon platform. He believes that the future of digital coupons will have a global standard, just like a barcode. Merchants across the world, use barcode as a global standard to keep track of their goods sold and purchased to provide a hassle-free experience to their clients.

Digital Impetus

“If there will be a global standard for digital coupons, it will not only benefit the merchants but consumers as well. Both the parties will have confidence in the globally recognized coupons, and exchange of such coupons will encourage worldwide feasibility in transactions,” describes Dicky. If we give it a technological view, this approach is possible, and the rest depends on the market.

Dicky believes that a solution provider should always take care of the customers’ needs thereby providing a product that matches all their requirements and invite more customers. “Why should I buy this product? This question of the customer should be answered promptly by the solution provider, then only you will come to know that your business model works,” informs Dicky.

Having a palette of unique products and services, Dicky through the various platforms of Mezzofy has already instilled a noteworthy mark in the Asian coupon market. The app that can be downloaded through Google Play and App store is now being used by the merchants across the globe to issue coupons.

More than 15000 people have downloaded different Mezzofy applications and users from fifty different countries around the globe has adopted Mezzofy for their digital coupon needs. To name a few, these countries are the US, Hong Kong, China, and Asia mostly. The company under the leadership of Dicky has helped a lot of other companies overseas in integrating their internal coupon systems and databases with Mezzofy.

He stresses on the part that Mezzofy is not just a coupon enabling platform, but it is also an IT solution provider. Under the umbrella of IT services, Dicky facilitates solutions like POS and Inventory Management. Dicky runs the company under one simple and effective approach of the business – demand and supply.