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Daniele Ferretti

Daniele Ferretti: An Ardent Advocate Exhibiting Resolute Business Acumen

In the modern world, in-depth comprehension and study of elements have resulted in orienting new methods that hold the ability to transform the global appearance and enhance the workflow and operations of emerging and leading businesses. While global structure alters the trends and existing flows of businesses, the approach to enhance the reinvention contemplates associating natural laws with the practices of contemporary organizations.

While adapting to the universal measures to enhance an organization’s inclusive and extensive flow of operational movement, the primary influence for critical regulatory functioning is due to the strategical approach and unique techniques provision.

Contemplating the enhanced vision with outstanding expertise and being a resolute leader in cross-border transactions, Daniele Ferretti, the Founder, and Managing Attorney, reformed the traditional law practice while offering standard professional growth to enhance the peak of business opportunities.

Forecasting innovative solutions to prevail over barriers with expertise and legal formulations is the Ferretti Firm’s primary agenda to bestow. Its exclusive specialists provide comprehensive, varied solutions for leading multi-disciplinary businesses to advance with prominence in the modern business arena.

How could one adhere to exempt such as global extension?

Let’s merge into the acclamation of the iconic approach.

Professional Excursion

Mr. Daniele Ferretti was admitted as attorney-at-law in Italy in 2005 and was called to the bar in New York in 2009. In 2012, he was appointed as an officer of the Product Law and Advertising Committee of the International Bar Association (IBA), where he currently serves as Senior Vice Chair.

Prior to establishing his own law firm, Mr. Ferretti practiced for more than ten years in Italy and abroad for major international and national law firms, where he advised clients on various aspects of EU and US law. After being named as an associate partner of Rödl & Partner in 2014, he has continued to work as Of Counsel North America for the German firm since 2017, consolidating his ties with one of the biggest providers of professional services in the world.

Daniele Ferretti has accumulated extensive experience as counsel in complex corporate and commercial transactions. In addition to the representation of clients before state courts, he has acted as counsel and co-counsel in several national and international arbitrations, including ICC and ICSID proceedings.

In recognition for the success of the firm, the founder and managing attorney Daniele Ferretti is frequently engaged in speeches at seminars, conferences, and workshops promoted by the main associations of Italian entrepreneurs, consulates, and consulting companies. Mr. Ferretti is also an accomplished writer on dispute resolution topics, including comparative approaches to arbitration law and international debt collection.

Along with other relevant professional achievements, Mr. Ferretti has received an award from Louis F. Del Duca, professor emeritus of law and internationally recognized as a leading scholar in the fields of commercial and comparative law.

Inspirational Initiative

Daniele Ferretti founded his firm not only to be a legal advisor for businesses but also to help fill gaps in business structures in terms of insights, strategy, assessment, and vision, thanks to the countless solutions that knowledge of the law (international law in particular) offers.

The idea of the traditional law firm would have been too narrow for what Ferretti Firm does, as the focus of modern businesses with their advisors is shifting from ensuring compliance, preventing or resolving disputes, or drafting transactions documents to obtaining informed and sound business advice in order to increase profits and maximize results of operations. Businesses who choose Ferretti Firm choose not only a law firm but also a reliable and trustworthy advisor on efficient strategies and solutions to proficiently expand their presence abroad.

Visionary Advancements

Ferretti Firm is a fast-growing and multi-awarded law firm with outstanding expertise in corporate, finance and commercial matters, litigation and dispute resolution, insolvency and restructuring, employment, and global mobility. Its practice also focuses on intellectual property, estates and personal affairs, family business, and real estate.

The firm’s extensive experience in international and comparative law offers a distinctive approach to protecting and maximizing the value of the client’s assets throughout the preparation, development, and implementation of a project. The distinctive feature of Ferretti Firm consists in leveraging the competitive advantages of the strategies, legal instruments, and drafting techniques adopted in the US practice of law to the benefit of its clients.

As a founder, Mr. Ferretti dedicated most of his time to personally training the professional team. This required a considerable amount of time in order to let them have the same approach that he has in his day-by-day business. This is something unique because a partner or managing attorney of a law firm does not invest his/her time training on a daily basis its team; rather, he/she wants them to be already prepared and skilled when they enter into the law firm. On the contrary, Mr. Ferretti, firmly believing that details make perfections, wanted all his staff to have the same method, dedication, and philosophy he has when dealing with legal matters and clients.

A vision, a mission, along with a relentless passion and attention to detail: these four elements were sufficient for Ferretti to decide to make “all-in” and invest in the project. There is no better word to describe what Daniele Ferretti decided to do with Ferretti Firm, sharing the key values of the law firm with his team. For instance, Not only every detail of the project was planned and overseen before its execution, but the whole project was financed before the economic outlook of the return on the investment could actually be predicted from vision to execution and result. This means to believe in an idea and take it all the way to the end, no matter what. As a result, Daniele Ferretti showed that being a risk-taker (mostly common in the American culture) is often more successful than being risk-averse (mostly common in the European culture).

Legal Roots

As a boutique law firm specialized in dealing with complex deals, Ferretti Firm provides high-end services across the full spectrum of disciplines required to execute multifarious transactions. The firm understands how to get deals done across borders and to involve multiple jurisdictions and navigates competing legal requirements and overlapping regulatory issues to give its clients a seamless transaction and an effective result.

The firm always seeks to understand its clients’ business and industry and brings to each engagement a tailored approach based on the client’s goals and challenges. The firm’s knowledge of industry-specific issues stems from its deep experience in every major industry. Corporate clients receive hands-on, personal attention from professionals experienced in corporate acquisition and divestiture transactions, including acquisitions and sales of subsidiaries, “carve-out” sales of divisions, spin-offs, joint ventures, and sales of assets.

The firm has substantial experience in helping companies construct and execute effective acquisition and divestiture programs, with a focus on understanding key value drivers and developing consistent approaches to enhance efficiency. Engagements range from fast turnaround contract review and advice to longer-term engagement in corporate acquisitions and sales. When required, its takeover and defense practice brings a creative and multi-disciplinary approach to these complex legal and business challenges.

The firm also assists its clients in the formation and capitalization of new and growing businesses and works with founders and investors in selecting and forming corporations, partnerships, trusts, and limited liability entities, structuring ownership and control of business ventures. Desired parameters are achieved through the analysis and drafting of corporate bylaws, operating agreements, partnership agreements, voting agreements, shareholder agreements, classification of shares, proxies, and other related legal instruments.

In addition, the firm represents both employers and executives in negotiating and documenting contractual arrangements governing the relationship of executives with their companies. Its team advises clients as to fixed and incentive-based compensation, equity-based compensation, executive compensation, severance, and dispute resolution procedures, as well as individuals, corporate officers, and directors on their statutory and fiduciary obligations associated with ownership and management of a corporate or other limited liability enterprises.

Multi-farious Services

The reasons that make Ferretti Firm unique are manifold and include the following:

Organization of the Workflow: Unlike many international law firms, the workflow is organized in a way that ensures to have interactions and face-to-face meetings with the managing attorney on a daily basis and at all stages of all key and strategic decisions. All documents are approved and reviewed internally according to a matrix that always implies the participation of the managing attorney to different extents. No document is sent or delivered to a client before it has been reviewed and approved by the managing attorney.

Legal Techniques: Despite being an Italian law firm, Ferretti Firm makes wide application and resort to U.S. strategies and drafting techniques along with legal instruments and databases. These strategies and drafting techniques have been brought to Italy by the experience gathered by Mr. Ferretti in the U.S. legal system. Thus, he helps the clients of the firms to take advantage over their competitors and prevent common risks and pitfalls.

Unique Expertise in U.S. Law in Italy: Given the day-by-day practice and experience gathered on U.S. law, along with the background of its professionals, the law firm is able to provide from Italy professional legal advice on many areas of U.S. law and advise clients on the differences between the Italian and the U.S. legal system.

Outbound Work Outweighs Inbound Work: Given the high number of engagements relating to cross-border transactions and the focus dedicated to helping national businesses to expand their presence abroad and exploit the opportunity of globalization, the outbound work of the firm substantially outweighs inbound work. Ferretti Firm assists its clientele in the Americas, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and, of course, Europe.

More than Numbers: As a boutique law firm mainly dealing with cross-border business transactions, Ferretti Firm’s professional staff is made up of a selected number of attorneys who have been carefully trained.

This choice is consistent with the philosophy of the firm, where the quality of the work and the approach of professionals with clients count more than numbers and is mandated by the need to work with legal specialists in several different areas and countries for certain engagements.

When insourcing would not be effective, considering unnecessary costs related to the engagement, outsourcing to legal specialists produces the most cost-effective and highest-quality results for the clients.

Selected Legal Specialists and Oversight: The firm works with a number of carefully selected general counsels, of counsels, risk management counsel, professional support lawyers, business intelligence specialists, and consultants with proven experience in their area of practice who can get the work done accurately and efficiently.

Outsourcing to law firms without choosing the best options and coordinating the engagement may lead the work to be done by less-experienced lawyers or law firms not in their highest area of expertise, increasing costs and reducing the quality of results.

Oversight allows the clientele to obtain the most favorable conditions for the engagements, coordinate the work, provide clear instructions, obtain quick responses, avoid misunderstandings, share insights and, more generally, deliver a better result.

Suitable Solutions for All Pockets and Needs: Ferretti Firm is a member of the largest international association of lawyers, the International Bar Association, and other networks tailored to meet different needs.

Having the opportunity to choose from those networks the most suitable and qualified partners for any engagements requiring specific knowledge of foreign laws, Ferretti Firm can offer the best and most efficient solutions for all needs and sizes of businesses.

The Prime Contributions

Ferretti Firm fosters a culture based on providing reliable and trustworthy legal services in a complex business environment, striving to leave no stone unturned. The driving force behind the firm is a shared commitment to demonstrate its core values and principles, which require its professionals to be responsive, forward-thinking, pragmatic, multi-disciplinary, cost-effective, independent, and bespoke.

The firm works closely with its clients and crafts tailor-made solutions on all legal and business aspects of a transaction by balancing innovation, competence, and affordability. Practical results and constructive benefits are obtained by combining the clients’ personal and business considerations with the firm’s creativity and flexibility, which anticipate the marketplace.

The firm’s consulting practice focuses on how to prevent the drawbacks of cross-border transactions and protect the legal and economic viability of international projects, which generally require a deep knowledge of comparative law, no matter how proficient the understanding of the business environment may be.

Depending on the clients’ needs, Ferretti Firm works with a number of international partners and coordinates counsel in multiple jurisdictions, overcoming common obstacles in international deals. The firm’s combination of Italy-based lawyers, of counsel and network based in main centers abroad allows the firm to handle complex transactions effectively and efficiently.

The Visionary Methodology

Moving forward, Ferretti Firm is planning to develop a number of initiatives that can be of great value to businesses, including expanding its presence in Italy and abroad and consolidating strategic business relationships.

Ferretti Firm will continue to play its part in protecting and maximizing the value of its clients’ assets throughout the globe, helping them to maximize international business opportunities for speedy and profitable growth.

Symbolizing Excellence

Client testimonials speak about the expertise and knowledge of the firm, being capable of navigating complex practices with ease and integrity. Ferretti Firm builds and upholds its reputation every day by ensuring that the highest professional standards are delivered. In recognition for the success of the firm, the founder and managing attorney Daniele Ferretti is frequently engaged in speeches at seminars, conferences, and workshops promoted by the main associations of Italian entrepreneurs, consulates, and consulting companies and has achieved a large number of national and international awards.