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Covid 19: Half of US’s adult population vaccinated

Since its emergence in 2019, the covid-19 pandemic has taken at least 3,475,079 lives across the world. Among the countries worst hit by this global crisis, US reported 590,574 deaths, followed by Brazil with 449,858, India with 307,231, Mexico with 221,695, and Britain with 127,724 deaths.

However, US has recently achieved a major milestone in its combat against the covid-19 pandemic. The country has fully vaccinated half of the adults – more than 129 million people who are above 18 years – against the virus. This data has been provided by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The data further suggests that around 164 million people, that is, 49.5% Americans of all ages have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

In the middle of April this year, the country started vaccination drives for anyone who is more than 16 years. And around two weeks ago, the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccines for anyone over 12 years. As per regulations, children under 12 years are not eligible for coronavirus vaccines.

The CDC stated that approximately 39% of the entire population of the USA, that is around 131 million people, have received the full vaccination against the coronavirus.

The White House coronavirus response team declared at a briefing recently that it has achieved the 50% vaccination threshold. It called this achievement a major milestone and applauded every American who has played a role in making this possible.