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Contributing the World with her Entrepreneurial Spirit

A lot has happened as a direct or indirect result of COVID-19 affecting businesses. The work culture has temporarily changed, and most companies has started to deploy mandatory work from home policies. People are experiencing an increase in unemployment. Many schools are shut down. Almost all these changes are stressful, but the best thing that can be done to look forward and to calm the nerves of the people is clear, concise, and accurate leadership. It is vital that leaders stay positive through this stressful time.

It is important for entrepreneurs just to remember that no businessman/woman is on the island. They can take the weight of the world on their shoulders when they are growing alongwith leading their own businesses. It is also sustainable if a strong support network is created and used.

Another important trait possessed by any successful entrepreneurial woman is mentoring and helping young women to build a professional path for them. The quality of a businesswomen’s strength of the support system and the network goes a long way in helping to reach the goals. The things they build, speak about their impact on the world. Such businesswomen are ambitious and confident while proactively helping others succeed.

It is natural for businesswomen to find and cultivate relationships with other women in the industry. They are a trusted mentor you can rely on for professional and personal advice and support. The employees of any company know how valuable it is to have a champion in their corner and it is one of the most valuable resources one can have in their professional career. Today, businesswomen have learned to be adaptive. In a world that is going to tell you why you cannot do something, or why they think you should not even attempt something. They believe in their own abilities and purpose. So, it is a lot harder to knock them down or to ignore them.

Ultimately, they are not afraid of failure. They are well aware of the process, experiences, learning from them, and finally, then dust them off and keep going. The Business Berg features such businesswomen making a difference in the international business, with its edition of “The 10 Most Innovative Businesswoman in 2020”. Shamila Ramjawan, Founder & CEO of Famram Solutions, Nicole Eckels, CEO & Co-founder of Glasshouse Fragrances, Ellenor McIntosh, Director of Operations for Twipes, are a few of the businesswomen driving their business towards glory in this edition.

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