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Lina Khan, Antitrust researcher

Big Tech researcher Lina Khan takes chair of US FTC

Renowned antitrust researcher, Lina Khan, who focused on the massive market power of Big Tech, was recently sworn in as the chair of the US Federal Trade Commission. This is a victory for progressives who are looking to control tech firms who hold a major share of a growing sector of the economy.

Khan was confirmed by the US Senate hours earlier, with bipartisan support. She was recently working at Columbia Law School and before that, she worked as a staffer for the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel. At the panel, Khan assisted in writing a huge report alleging abuses of market dominance by prominent names such as Inc, Facebook Inc, and Alphabet Inc.

The advocacy group Public Citizen recently said in a statement that it applauds President Biden and the Senate for recognizing the urgent need to address runaway corporate power.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren stated that the selection of Khan as the new chair is great news. Warren in a separate statement said that with Khan at the helm, it will be a great opportunity to make big, structural changes by bringing back antitrust enforcement and fighting monopolies that the economy, the society, and the democracy.