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Apple enhances it privacy: Users can store IDs

Apple has recently stated that it will introduce the facility of storing state-issued identification cards digitally on iPhones. It will also add user privacy protections on its iCloud storage service and e-mail apps. The company will also introduce further more updates to software on its devices.

The tech giant has also added updates to its FaceTime video chat app wherein users will now be able to schedule calls with multiple attendees. The software has also been made compatible with Android and Windows devices. During Apple’s annual meeting for software developers, the company first made this major announcement.

This new facility introduced by Apple will help the users to scan state-issued ID cards in participating US states. These cards will be encrypted in the user’s digital wallet. This wallet has been designed by the company to offer the ability to store credit cards and transit cards in some US cities.

Apple has also taken a step forward in the privacy front by updating its emails apps to block senders using trackers that detect when an email has been opened.