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Apple Announces Additional Device Features

Apple recently announced new accessibility features for its devices. The features include door detection, Apple Watch Mirroring, live captions, and much more.

Its door detection feature is intended to help iPhone users who have vision disabilities. It will be part of the magnifier app. If the app detects a door nearby, it will audibly tell users what is around and where it is.

The other feature of Live Captions is a transcription feature. It will appear on a screen for any audio playing on the phone. In addition, it can also give a live transcript of the video calls.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch Mirroring feature will enable users to control their smartwatch from their iPhone device. Using the phone’s assisting features like Voice Control and Switch Controls, one can use voice instructions for tapping the Apple Watch display.

Along with these features, Apple will be adding other features like sound recognition and voice-over support for 20 additional languages. All of the features will be added to the iOS devices in 2022.