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Amazon Announced Astro Home Robot

At its autumn invite-only product launch this week, Amazon introduced a new range of smart home and security products. The major revelation, though, was a $1,000 smart robot dubbed Astro, which is an Alexa assistant-meets-security-camera-on-wheels that can travel about your house to check on your loved ones, play music, make calls, and do other things. However, with this bot’s feature set comes increased privacy issues.

According to Amazon, Astro will include ‘out of limits zones’, and the option to mute microphones and speakers. Overall, Astro is only one of many ways that robots are coming to life.

Amazon also debuted the new Echo Show 15 and an upgraded Halo View fitness band with a screen, in addition to Astro. The flying ring drone always home camera is now available for presale, a year after it was initially unveiled. A slew of additional features and accessories are also on the way. Hey Disney, is bringing interactive Disney characters and instructions to life in Echo devices, and Alexa Together is a new subscription model for caregivers and their loved ones.