Adobe Photoshop Freemium web version is in Trial

Adobe Photoshop is running its trial for the free web version and plans to make its announcement soon. Adobe has stated the service as “Freemium”. It is expected that the tech giant will provide users with all the paid tools for free and users can access them by creating a free account.

The first version of web photoshop was launched in October last year. Initially, it faced some challenges because of its simplified version. The web version has gone through multiple updates in the past few months.

The web version’s goal is to promote Adobe Photoshop and attract key potential users who are willing to buy the paid version for regular utility.

The photoshop web version is going to have tools like refine edge, curves, dodge, and burn. The free web version will have numerous other tools that are available in adobe photoshop software and will be equipped to convert Smart Objects.