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Joshua Christopherson | CEO | Achieve Today

Achieve Today: Enabling AI powered Wellness Training

Imagine if you knew what your employees were truly feeling or struggling with, and you had a software that could address and help them to grow confidentially and improve in all areas of your company! The areas include – Engagement, focus, happiness, and high performance.

CÜE is an A.I. delivery system within its platform that uses complex algorithms driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is like if your car automatically drives you exactly where you need to go. It texts your employees on occasion and checks in, asking how they are feeling. Based on their natural responses it will suggest courses, short audios or videos, journaling feelings, meditations, or even emotional clearings. It is completely customized to your business needs and engaging your employees exactly how they need.

This amazing system is powered by Achieve Today, whose platform is more than just enabling a flagship technology.  It is the integration of people and technology that invites and enables people to learn in an entirely new way. “We have developed an A.I. coach that allows an employee to spend only 30 seconds a day telling it how they feel,” says Josh Christopherson, CEO at Achieve Today. It then serves up the needed content to help the learner stay on track and improve at their job or career.

A Genesis Story

Achieve Today started as an education company with the vision of ‘A World without Limits.’ Its focus was to help people find happiness by improving their careers, relationships, and health by focusing on their mindset. After working with over 100,000 students in 74 countries, the company was able to make a massive impact but needed to use technology to go even further towards its vision. Achieve Today’s team spent years developing cloud-based learning tools and an AI for its students.

“In 2020 we realized the biggest challenge was getting learners to be engaged in their own development,” adds Josh. CUE was then built and taught to work with employees to remove limiting beliefs and improve happiness by reaching out and customizing its engagement to train the individual. It effectively learns what personal challenges an employee is facing and suggests courses, videos, audios, and then prompts action.

CUE’s engagement process includes methods like short meditations, limiting belief clearings, goal setting, and tracking progress. CUE is proven to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and train high performance in sales and any job. Moreover, it is able to provide the data it collects to provide general feedback to a company or manager on how its employees ‘feel’ and what content or training is needed to improve emotional well-being in the workplace while creating high performance and happiness.

A World Without Limits

Achieve Today’s mission is to help people achieve higher levels of success and ultimate happiness in their careers and lives. The company makes it happen through one-on-one coaching, an immersive online learning platform, and advanced AI technology that customizes education to the individual’s needs. Its vision statement, ‘A world without limits,’ does justice to the company’s operations.

“Our educational methods using people plus technology to deliver customized training on a large scale allow us to deliver an education unparalleled with other learning systems,” says Josh. “It provides a customized platform that allows the learner to use methods that work specifically for them.“

Cue’s software allows businesses to use their own content that they want delivered to their users, or a blend of our hundreds of courses and content. This gives them the ability to serve up whatever they want, and have our AI suggest the content needed to an employee or user.

An Achiever’s Accomplishment

Joshua Christopherson is the CEO of Achieve Today. During Josh’s time with Achieve Today, he was focused on sales management, marketing, software development, and business direction. Achieve has been named Best Places to Work in Utah every year since inception in 2013 as well as Best Company Cultures by Entrepreneur. He oversaw the creation, build-out, and design of Achieve Today’s education software and structure as well as its creative direction. With many thousands of members it continues to grow rapidly and has evolved into the main hub of the Achieve Today education, transforming businesses and employee lives daily.

“We have spent years perfecting our education platform and learning experience to be ready for these opportunities,” says Josh. “Our ability to address anxiety, depression, fear, or even misunderstanding from the student, without them even expressing it verbally, will continue to take our coaching and results to a level never before achieved in the learning and development space,” he adds further.

Currently, Achieve Today’s team is working towards launching Mentor On Demand™, a broadcast capability within its platform that allows students to get real time face to face coaching, over their mobile device or webcam. The company’s Mentor On Demand™ capability will implement real time A.I. by using facial recognition and vocal cues from students to determine their mood and what they need to be taught by their coach.

The system will analyze student’s expressions and tones at a rate of 15 times per second to deliver feedback to the coach and allow them to further customize coaching to the student’s needs.

The whole purpose of Achieve Today’s business is to reduce anxiety within individuals, students and organizations by helping them attain success in life. The company works towards removing every limit that comes in between its clients and employee’s success.