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According to Cramer, the sticker price of Apple’s Vision Pro headset may not matter

The high price of Apple’s virtual reality headset, the Vision Pro, has caused some surprise and speculation among consumers. Priced at $3,500, it is one of Apple’s most expensive consumer products. However, there is a belief that this high-end headset could open the door for more affordable options in the future.

Interestingly, there is another angle to consider. Major wireless carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T could potentially leverage the release of the Vision Pro to their advantage. By offering discounts on their plans in exchange for cheaper phones, these carriers could attract more customers and create a competitive edge in the market.

This unique situation has caught the attention of industry observers, including those concerned about the future of wireless carriers’ dividends. With yields of 7.0% and 7.3% for AT&T and Verizon, respectively, there is a sense of caution in the market. However, for Apple, the price wars between carriers don’t impact their bottom line. In fact, these carrier deals could potentially drive business and create more competition in the market.

As a result, there is anticipation among carriers, especially T-Mobile, to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the Vision Pro. They are looking for ways to deliver a decisive blow to their competitors and gain an advantage in the industry. It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold, but Apple’s virtual reality headset could potentially be a game-changer in the wireless carrier landscape.

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